2017 Favourites

Second week in January... not too late for a 2017 favourites post right? I hope not, especially as this is my first scheduled Sunday post of the year, in keeping with one of my 2018 Goals! So here goes, I have skincare and makeup favourites, stationary and technology favourites, a favourite moment, favourite series, favourite youtube and podcast channels. A bit of a mixture but all stand out for the year just gone!

Skincare Favourites 
Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Cream - I can't believe I haven't done a post on this moisturiser yet because it is game changing. My acne scars have all but gone and I am well versed on other scar fading treatments, none of which work for me. This moisturiser is the reason I decided to become a NYR Consultant and is my personal best selling product as well as one of the company's.

Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender Essential Oil - Again, why haven't I mentioned this before, I will amend this problem asap!! Lavender oil can literally be used for anything and is the only essential oil you can apply neat on skin. When I'm feeling stressed, down, have a headache, tired, have any joint pain (the list goes on) I apply a few drops to my pulse points, the soles of my feet or the specific area of pain. 

Makeup Favourites 
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - I use this palette daily alongside my eyebrow pencil and for smudgy eyeliner and crease colour. If I'm going all out I'll use the highlight shades for my inner corner and brow bone. The shades are simple, versatile and all but one is matte which for me is perfect day to day.

NYX Eyebrow Pencil - Best eyebrow pencil on the high street, I use the shade Taupe. It's a super fine pencil which makes my brows look natural but still defined and having a brush on the end is just handy!

Stationary and Technology Favourites
Staedtler Mars Micro Retractable Pencil - Obviously I am a stationary freak... and this may not seem overly exciting, impressive or worthy of a favourites but it is! This pencil has made my goal setting journal and diary so much tidier as I can amend things with no hassle... there is an eraser on the end! 

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones - These were a not so little treat for myself justified at the time, I can't remember how right this second, but I have no regrets investing in them! One flick of a switch and I am in my own world. It has changed flying for me as well as relaxing at home, drowning out the sound of my younger siblings! The noise cancelling is incredible, definitley try them on next time you're near a Bose.

Favourite Series 
Peaky Blinders - Firstly, I am so in love with Tommy. He has got to be one of the most beautiful characters ever created! Secondly, season four was amazing. I was constantly on the edge of my seat and completely encompassed by the storyline. I loved Adrien Brody and his New Yorker accent and Aiden Gillen was amazing too. The music was perfect as per... I can't say enough good things about this series, go watch! 

Favourite YouTube Channel and Podcast
Yoga with Adrian - By far the best yoga guru on YouTube. She is down to earth, happy and easy to follow, explaining lots of variations on poses for different abilities. Her channel has a video for literally everything from the obvious ones like back pain to energising morning routines. She focuses you on noticing what feels good for you rather than pushing to create perfect shapes and poses. 

The High Low - I've mentioned this podcast a couple of times but it obviously had to make my favourites list as I listen and look forward to it weekly. A 'weekly pop culture podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of the PanDolly Podcast'. It's funny, serious at times and not at others, informative and interesting. Can't go wrong with this one really, definitely recommend!

Favourite Moment of 2017
This is such a hard one! 2017 was an amazing year for me, I graduated, started a new business, lived in London while interning and visited friends all over the world! But my favourite moment would have to be landing in Auckland, completely alone and completely knackered from my 32 hour journey but so incredibly overwhelmed to be back in New Zealand after almost 18 years, the prospect of seeing my family and of two months exploring the beautiful islands ahead of me. I was so so so happy at that moment I shed a little tear. Looking back, the guy sat next to me must have thought I was mental ahaha! 

How To Become an NYR Consultant | The Perks + Exciting Natural News

I've had a few questions from you lovely lot concerning the ins and outs of Neal's Yard Remedies Independant Consultant life. So here are some details on what it's like, the perks and how you become one! Feel free to email me for more info or check out my facebook page @jennynyrconsultant where I post regularly about NYR campaigns and exclusive consultant customers discounts.

As an Independent Consultant people come to you for advice on skincare and well being. In a nutshell, we recommend and sell NYR Products but there is a little more to it than that. If you like, you can host NYR events and parties for friends and customers and take part in fairs to introduce new people to the brand. You get a kit with everything you need to kickstart your business and there are no sale targets you have to meet. All in all, it's very stress free and flexible, a great subsidiary income.

What are the perks? Well gals... let me tell you. The one I enjoy most is 25% off everything for yourself, on top of sale. You get 25% commission + a bonus on everything you sell. There are consultant only sales and lots of ways and opportunities to get free products. A lovely network of men and women to support you starting off and lots of free training on the products and running a direct sales business.

The starter kit is discounted until February 12th. Over £200 worth of products for £50 so if you're interested let me know, even if you're just after the products and personal discount!

Lastly I wanted to quickly mention some exciting news which unfortunately hasn't received all that much media coverage. Products containing plastic microbeads have been banned from production in wash off cosmetics in the UK and by June it will be against the law to sell such products, yay! NYR has long since campaigned to #BanTheBead and we have never used microbeads in our products, now all companies will have to follow in our footsteps. But there is still lots to be done to keep plastics out of our oceans ­čÉá

2018 Goal Setting and Manifesting

I'm definitley a believer in The Law of Attraction, goal setting, manifesting and positive affirmations. If you're unsure what I'm on about, in short The Law of Attraction is the belief that we attract into our lives more of whatever we focus on. Goal setting (etc.) are just ways of pinpointing that focus on to certain outcomes. It is a strange concept but once you get your head around it, it is pretty cool. The thing is, most successful people these days goal set in some form to help them achieve and get the most from what the universe has to offer them! So I thought I'd share with you my yearly goals for 2018.

Sourced from Papier

1. Get to Italy in September and start an internship

2. Blog post once a week, scheduled for Sunday mornings

3. Focus on being positive and happy

4. Read 25 new books

5. Confidently reach German level C1

6. Visit 6 new countries

These are by no means resolutions because, as I have mentioned before, I think resolutions are a waste of time! Rather than saying 'this year I will give up...' or 'this year I will stop...' goals have a positive feel which encourages and motivates you to focus on them, at least it does for me! Do you guys have any goals for 2018? I've been loving the posts I've read on them so far.

Copenhagen Winter!

Guys, I'm absolutely knackered. Three nights in Copenhagen has ruined me... but it was a lot of fun! I have to admit though, I didn't have a chance to take many pictures while there as I was mainly sampling the nightlife (amazing) and cafe culture (hangover curing). So here are my only two excluding a selfie with the friend I was visiting in Copenhagen which is of no quality to post anywhere! I really love the city and Danish culture in general. Everyone is very well dressed and the hipster, scandinavian vibe is strong in lots of the city districts. But it was really cold and at this time of year, very dark. Not sure I could cope with the lack of sun for any sustained length of time, I suppose you'd get used to it though. 

So it was a short but sweet trip and the perfect break from Christmas mania back home. I want to go back ASAP to experience a bit more of the city and surrounding areas. Plus the novelty of crossing the Oresund Bridge to Sweden appeals to me massively! Have any of you been to Copenhagen and if so do you have any suggestions of things not to miss on my next trip? And last but not least, Merry Christmas!

Help Save the Bees Campaign

I'm suuuper excited to write my first Neal's Yard Remedies post! Especially as I thought I'd start with a campaign I'm really passionate about; the Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees campaign. NYR is all about organic and sustainable living and this collection really encompasses that mantra. It aims to bring awareness to the plight of bees across the globe. Leading experts recognise that a group of very powerful insecticides called neonicotinoids are the main reason our bees are disappearing and they have warned that all honeybees could be gone from Britain by the end of 2018.. awful, horrible, scary stuff. 

Soo, NYR is working towards the banning of neonicotinoids across the world and every year donates £10,000 to bee saving charities. You can read more about the campaign hereThe naturally moisturising, fair trade organic honey and uplifting, sun ripened oranges used to make orange essential oil condition the skin and lift the spirits. The benefits of orange essential oil are widespread, from relieving anxiety, enhancing immunity to reducing inflammation. Also, it just smells really good! 

You can shop the Bee Lovely range here. If you enjoyed this post then check out my new NYR Consultant Facebook page! I'll be keeping everyone updated on all the new products, discounts and promotions for consultant customers over there > @jennynyrconsultant

I'm a Neal's Yard Remedies Consultant!

As you can tell by the title of this post, I have become a Neal's Yard Remedies Independent Consultant! Which basically means I'm a rep, throw NYR parties and sell their products for them.  My Auntie originally sponsored me about a year ago but I was too busy with uni/work to pursue the potential business opportunity. But now I have loads of time (being a jobless graduate, sigh) and I'm really enjoying it! I have learnt so much about essential oils and their uses/benefits that I thought it would be cool to start a NYR section on my blog. That way I can share all my new found knowledge and keep anyone who is interested in becoming a rep updated on what it's like/my progress. 

If you're particularly interested in what I am doing feel free to email me at freyaschapter@gmail.com and I can give you some more details and potentially sponsor you to become a consultant! My NYR website is HERE if you fancy a browse x