Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint

After seeing Georgia May Jagger in the Rimmel advertising campaigns I decided to try out their lasting finish, apparently transfer proof lip tints in the colours 'Carry on Cherry' and 'Perpetual Plum'. (also, this is not really relevant but props to Mick Jagger for his Glasto performance, if you saw you'll understand!Perpetual Plum (buy here) is definitely my favourite out of the two colours I tried.  Carry on Cherry is a darker red colour which I still really like, I find them both very flattering on my pale skin. I was really happy with this product. They last all day and are very pigmented which is handy for people like me who have naturally dark lips anyway. They also smell really good, not that smell is a massive issue! The only drawback is with the moisturising balm on top of the tint it isn't transfer proof. However I actually prefer not using the balm as I like the matte finish more than the shine. I would definitely recommend these as they are good quality and really cheap too. (£5.99) 

Topshop 'The Damned' Lipstick

How beautiful is this colour?! I can't stop wearing it even if I do look a little witchy.. or Autumnal? This is the only Topshop Lipstick I have but I'd definitley give some other shades a go because they're pretty cheap and very pigmented. Plus they smell nice and have pretty packaging which is always a bonus for an easily pleased person like myself!


If you're not a fan of jeans because you find them too restricting then you'll love these. There is literally no denim in them, it's all a stretchy cotton material which I loveee! They're so comfy and perfect for summer because they're so light. Drawbacks to these are the colour fades pretty quickly which is hella annoying considering the price tag.. they also lose their shape quite quickly which isn't great. No one likes saggy knees or crotch area. Also they got rid of the roll hem which looked awesome with flats and now there is no hem at all, they're just sort of cut so I roll mine up myself.

This is my favourite style by far and I have myself a few pairs of these. The denim is the best quality out of the lot- it's still not really denim though, more of a lycra/cotton mix and still really comfy. The colour doesn't fade with them as quickly either but if you find your jeans fade a lot then you can wash them with a tablespoon of salt to help, I do whenever I get a new pair to help the colour last. These don't lose their shape, I remember them being marketed as 'performance stretch' so it might have something to do with that. They also make my bum look good because of how tight and high waisted they are which is a plus.

These are basically legging to be honest with you, not that that is a bad thing. I love Joni jeans especially for nights out because they are soo high waisted and I feel like they hold my belly in and make me look really perky and streamlined... sorry about the weird description. But these have major drawbacks which I think everyone has heard about now. They loose their colour SO fast and I have no idea why, you can see from the pictures of mine how much they've faded. Also after a while they seem to get stretch marks which I think is where the elastic in them melts in the wash and goes weird, the only thing I can say to stop this happening is don't tumble dry them. They fit perfectly though and I can't find anything like them for the same/cheaper price so I always repurchase. I kinda think it would be worth me investing in some American Apparel ones but they're soo much money and it pains me to think about spending that much..

Mehh, does anyone even by Baxter Jeans? I'm not a fan myself, then denim is way too thick and there isn't a very wide selection of colours. The Mom Jeans always look soo nice on the models but I find them too baggy on me and I know they're meant to be but I want a little shape.. girl with legs>potato. The Asos Mom jeans are much nicer if you're in the market for a pair. I'm going to do a blog post on them asap which I will link here for you so you can see how they fit. Hope you found this review helpful and feel free to leave me any questions you have below and I will try to answer them!

How I Keep My Skin Clear. Nixoderm

As my first ever blog post (how exciting!!) I thought I'd tackle an issue which affects a lot of people including myself... sigh. I did some research for this post am pretty astonished by what I found out. Acne affects 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 and some people can even get it into their forties. So really there is no need to freak about breakouts... Ha, I know

I tend to use a scrub once every two or three days depending on how oily/clogged my skin is feeling. These are both great products and practically the same other than The Body Shop one is rich with vitamin C which helps brighten the skin, Soap&Glory Scrub Your Nose In It is cheaper. They have really fine beads which I find much more effective than chunkier scrubs as depending on how much pressure you use when massaging into your skin they can be gentle or harsh. These are both great at getting rid of dry skin and blackheads.

Spot Treatments
Effaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay has had so much hype which I generally agree with, I use this all over my face like you would a moisturiser rather than a specific spot treatment which I find pretty effective at keeping my skin clear along with exfoliating. It contains salicylic acid which works by keeping your pores unclogged through doesn't actually kill any bacteria. It's also good for fading acne scars but products like Bio Oil or things containing rosehip oil are much better for that.
For specific spot treatment I use Nelsons Pure&Clear Acne Treatment Gel and the Clinique Anti Blemish Solution which have a major price difference and also a majorly different ingredients list. The Nelsons one is a lot more natural, the main active ingredient being teatree oil. The Clinique gel contains salicylic acid though they both work equally as well. They sting a tiny bit. The Clinique one is fine to put makeup over but the Nelsons one isn't so I use it at night only. They both dry up blemishes very quickly, it helps that they both contain alcohol.

This is my holy grail anti acne fighting product! I don't think you can buy it in the UK other than on eBay for around £2 which is where I get what I expect will be a lifelong supply.. or until I stop needing it. As you can see it's just a white cream and the packaging isn't anything fancy. It smells pretty rank too but it works amazingly well. It contains three active ingredients; precipitated sulphur salicylic acid and benzoic acid. Benzoic acid/benzoyl peroxide works by destroying bacteria linked to the causes of acne so this really covers all bases though it does burn for quite a while. If you have sensitive skin you can mix it with Vaseline to stop this. It's almost like what I imagine a chemical peel to do, it removes your dead skin and dries up spots pretty instantly.. I only use it at night as it leave my skin really red. Sounds scary and even though it looks pretty dodgy I definitely recommend trying it for spots and blackheads. 

I was also on Microgynon contraceptive pill which is said to help control breakouts though I didn't notice any effect and decided to come off it as it made me crazy hormonal! My doctor also gave me an antibiotic called Doxycycline which I decided to come off too it didn't work at all and a side effect makes skin sensitive to the sun which sucks!I hope this post will help anyone looking for a new and cheap way of controlling their acne.

If you're unsure what is causing your acne you may find THIS POST helpful. It's from a website called ThankYourSkin and they've very helpfully listed 92 sneaky causes of acne no one is telling you about. There were loads on there I didn't know about!!

Jenny x