I recently went home for reading week which meant I had use of a bathtub! In my dorms at uni we only have showers (sigh) so I've been having some serious bath bomb withdrawal hence this post! Now, there is no excuse as to why I only pictured this bath bomb when I did use two of my favourites (Twilight+Dragons Egg) during the week as well but never mind. Lord of Misrule is by far my favourite now and I really hope it isn't a Christmas limited edition because I'm not sure I could survive without it all year round....


1. Never seen anyone throw up before..? That will change.

2. Ridiculous health and safety precautions = queuing in the cold for parties.

3. People form clicks incredibly quickly during freshers so prepare to be more social than you've ever had or wanted to be.

4. Nine times out of ten you will not remain friends with these people you tried so hard to socialise with.

5. You will fall asleep during your lectures- I recommend sitting closer to the back of the hall.

6. If like me you don't fancy getting shit faced every night there are still lots of other cool events to go to.

7. You will be amazed at how fast your student loan disappears- remember you need to live on that money all term so don't waste it on alcohol.

8. Boys will lurk around in packs looking for suitable mates- don't be fooled by their semi-drunk cuteness because they're probably not worth your time.

9. Homesickness is a bitch. 

10. Clubs and societies are expensive so set some money aside to join whatever takes you fancy.. Quidditch maybe!?

11. Your flatmates will be with you through thick and thin all year so make an effort to befriend them all- organize a games night or something along those lines to get to know each other.

12. You parents will call.. alot.. but you won't mind.

13. Don't bother organising a budget until after freshers because the first week will be filled with necessary purchases replacing things you accidently left at home.

13. Freshers flu sucks.

14. Not having your pets around will be really hard!

15. Decorate your room and make it homely because having some where nice to hide when you can't be bothered is a blessing.

16. The first day will be terrifying but remember everyone feels the same way.

17. The week will go by quickly and some will say it was the best of their lives.. if yours wasn't don't worry. You've obviously had a better run up to university than most!

Jenny x


Some of you may know, from the few times I've mentioned how much I don't want to go/am terrified, that I am now at university. Well let me tell you, it's been a kind of stressful first week due to difficulties with accommodation (shared room-sigh) and lack of money (typical) so I thought I'd share with you how I've been keeping calm. I found these herbal tea's in Morrisons during that first huge shop everyone goes on with their parents before you are left to fend for yourself. They were really inexpensive which is obviously a plus for students but what really matters is how good they taste. I definitely recommend herbal tea if you need to chill. My favorite is the Touch of Jasmine Green Tea and there are lots of other flavours I plan on trying once I get through these and to be honest I doubt that'll take me long...

Jenny x


Embarrasing picture for you all to enjoy, I'm on the right.

1. Cutting your own fringe is a bad idea...

2. The boys you think you're in love with will disappear from all aspects of your life so don't be disheartened when they act like dicks.

3. Enjoy school because when it ends, life gets stressful.

4. Don't dye your hair black, it will take years to get back to a colour that doesn't make you look like you're on your deathbed.

5. Red patent court shoes that cost you £15.99 from New Look are not cool.

6. Savour having no responsibilities other than keeping your Tamagotchi alive. 

7. Don't bother with false nails because you won't be able to do anything practical with them on and will end up looking like an idiot.

8. LESS IS MORE. Use this motto in regards to most aspects of life ie.. makeup and alcohol.

9. Impulse is not a substitute for perfume.

10. Remember, while dealing with the dramas of secondary school life (of which there will be many) that none of it will matter to you in five years.

Jenny x


1. The walk from your drop off point to where you actually camp will be the longest of your life.

2. Rucksacks are a good idea.

3. Lets be honest, it will rain and theres no escaping it so listen to your mum when she suggests you pack a mac.

4. No amount of dry shampoo will be able to help your situation by day four.

5. The likelihood of getting to the front of the crowd from your favourite band is slim to impossible unless you are inhumanly patient and can deal with the pressure of 1000's of people pushing against your back.

6. EVERYONE LOOKS SHIT though that still won't make you feel any better about it.

7. The first shower you have when you get home will feel like a gift from God. 

8. You will regret not taking toilet paper.

9. Don't get close to a mosh pit/wall of death/any other violent phenomena in the crowd because you will die.

10. No one dresses/acts like they do for Coachella here so don't bother with valuable clothes because they will be ruined.

11. Your tent will never look the same again.

12. The state of the toilets by day five will scar you for life.

13. People will steal your camping chairs and you will probably steal theirs.

14. Everything is ridiculously expensive so a trip to TESCO before you arrive is a good idea even if it does mean more to carry on that ridiculously long walk.

15. Someone will probably offer you drugs.

16. Finding your tent amidst a sea of tents isn't fun. You will resent the people intelligent enough to bring a flag.

17. No man/woman will find you attractive by day five.  

18. Your toothbrush and disposable camera will become your most precious possessions.  

19. Despite being dirty you will wish it lasted longer and want to go back for round two.

Hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different post to usual, it is meant to be lighthearted and a bit of a joke but there are some real gems of advice in there too...!

Jenny x


As some of you may know I recently spent some time in Barcelona so I thought I'd share some pictures I took and chat about the experience as it may be interesting to anyone thinking about going there. If you're clever and reasonably flexible flights to Barcelona are really cheap, as in under £80 for a return which is great, just try to avoid August. Accommodation isn't as great but the further out of the city you stay the cheaper. We were quite lucky and had a lot to see in walking distance and were near a metro station which we used to get to the Old Town and beach. Barcelona beach is actually man made, not that you really care while laying in the sun! As you may know I'm really pale and can't tan at all so I spent my time slapping on the factor 50 between swimming in the sea. The jellyfish warnings did freak me out a bit so be wary! 

As for sightseeing Barcelona is very spaced out so you have to metro or spend a lot of time walking (which we did) to get from place to place. I definitely recommend getting a metro pass if you're there for more than 5 days because it makes life so much easier and will save you money! We visited the Old Town and the Cathedral which are must see's, the old part of the city is very beautiful. We also trecked to the Sagrada Familia which was incredible! These were my favourite parts, I like architecture and Barcelona has such an interesting mixture which was cool. The food was also really good and you can make it as expensive as you want it to be, we ate out each evening then stuck to cheaper fast food options for lunch. Tapas is obviously something you need to give a go while there, I think it's great especially if there's a big group of you.

We also visited Barcelona Zoo which I think is safe to say, far better than London Zoo. The variety of animals is vast and they also had dolphins which I thought was really cool though we didn't actually get to see any! The entry wasn't expensive either so if you're interested in that sort of thing its worth going. 

We spent a lot of time getting lost and I expect you will too if you go, it's not a bad thing though, you end up finding really cool things which are less touristy. We did successfully manage to find the Font Magica which a lovely guy on a bus from the airport told us about. You have to visit it if you ever go to Barcelona, there is a huge night time show with opera music playing and the fountain changing shape and colour (terrible description, I videoed some in my vlog if you want to see what I mean) and it's amazing, the atmosphere is incredible. You can look up the times of shows depending on when you go. Also the views from up by the Palau Nacional which the fountain is in front of are amazing and best of all there are escalators that take you to the top (thank god). 

I vlogged the trip too if you're interesting in seeing more than just pictures. It's not a chatty vlog which I think is better in this instant as it's more about the city's beauty and what we did while there! Barcelona is a great city and one I definitely want to revisit as there is so much to see and it can be a great budget holiday too if you want it to be. Websites like Travel Supermarket compare great city break deals to Barcelona for around £170 depending on the time of year and that includes flight and hotels as a minimum so you should definitely check that out. Hope you liked this post and found it helpful! 

Jenny x 


I haven't really shared with you my plans for this summer but there are a few trips on my agenda, one of them being last weekend in Amsterdam! I took a few pictures and made a video which turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself so I thought I'd share them with you along with a bit about what I did there! Amsterdam is actually a beautiful city, luckily they escaped much bombing in the war so all the original old buildings lining the canals are still standing. During the first day we visited the red light district which I didn't get any pictures of. Funnily enough it is one of the city's most beautiful parts though some of the buildings have glass shop fronts filled with girls! My friends and I are lucky enough to have visited during the world cup and Holland won a match while we were there and the atmosphere was incredible! Everyone was wearing orange, we stuck out like sore thumbs even more that we usually would, being four 5'4" blonde teenage girls in the middle of a huge city! I hope you guys liked how I edited the video, I confess it is completely Lily Melrose inspired. I find her vlogs so much more interesting than the usual walking and talking.

Jenny x