Some of you may know, from the few times I've mentioned how much I don't want to go/am terrified, that I am now at university. Well let me tell you, it's been a kind of stressful first week due to difficulties with accommodation (shared room-sigh) and lack of money (typical) so I thought I'd share with you how I've been keeping calm. I found these herbal tea's in Morrisons during that first huge shop everyone goes on with their parents before you are left to fend for yourself. They were really inexpensive which is obviously a plus for students but what really matters is how good they taste. I definitely recommend herbal tea if you need to chill. My favorite is the Touch of Jasmine Green Tea and there are lots of other flavours I plan on trying once I get through these and to be honest I doubt that'll take me long...

Jenny x


Embarrasing picture for you all to enjoy, I'm on the right.

1. Cutting your own fringe is a bad idea...

2. The boys you think you're in love with will disappear from all aspects of your life so don't be disheartened when they act like dicks.

3. Enjoy school because when it ends, life gets stressful.

4. Don't dye your hair black, it will take years to get back to a colour that doesn't make you look like you're on your deathbed.

5. Red patent court shoes that cost you £15.99 from New Look are not cool.

6. Savour having no responsibilities other than keeping your Tamagotchi alive. 

7. Don't bother with false nails because you won't be able to do anything practical with them on and will end up looking like an idiot.

8. LESS IS MORE. Use this motto in regards to most aspects of life ie.. makeup and alcohol.

9. Impulse is not a substitute for perfume.

10. Remember, while dealing with the dramas of secondary school life (of which there will be many) that none of it will matter to you in five years.

Jenny x