Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you've all had an amazing day with your loved ones. I've eaten so much food blogging is the only thing I can physically manage to do with my evening so here I am with a post I should have put up a few months ago when I took this picture. I found this purse (still available here) in Warehouse which at the time seemed like a complete miracle as my previous one was falling to pieces and nowhere had a simple, sleek, black purse for a reasonable price. My iPhone case was just a eBay purchase, costing around 99p... it has broken now but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Lastly I thought I'd include this bowl in the haul as as you may know if you've been reading for a while, I'm obsessed with hand painted rice bowls. I got this one in Morocco and it probably cost me less than the iPhone case. One day I'll go back to Morocco with the sole purpose of decking out my home while spending next to nothing! And thats that, a slightly outdated accessories haul for you on Christmas day! Tomorrow I leave for Venice with my auntie for a little holiday so expect a post about that soon and I may haul what I got for Christmas when I get back too!

Have a relaxing boxing day!


It's been a while.. I'm sorry.. I'm a bad blogger *slaps wrist*. Life has completely gotten in the way of my usually frequent posts on here because I've been so busy!! I went through a (long) stage of blogging to keep happy and to distract myself from life but since moving away and starting my Erasmus everything has changed. I feel free and content. But today I felt like writing which is amazing because when I first started this blog I blogged because I liked it not because I needed it. So anyway.. long rambly tangent.. sorry it's been so long! I'm blogging, I'm happy, back to the post and Konigssee! 

A few weekends ago here in Austria we had a bank holiday which my friends and I took full advantage of! We visited Konigssee, just over the border in Germany and went hiking in the mountains there. It was so breathtakingly beautiful and the weather was perfect. Autumn here is so colourful and really not cold! It was about 15 degrees Celsius that day and today it's around 19 which is crazy for November! Although this weekend it is meant to snow which admittedly I am really excited about as the Christmas markets open in Salzburg and wont that be perfect? Also this weekend (Thursday to Sunday) I'm doing a three part trip around Germany, first Munich, then to Berlin then Cologne and back to Munich! I'll be vlogging the whole thing so thats something to look forward to! I also have a Salzburg vlog to edit as well as my Morocco vlog which is so so overdue! I'm going home for Christmas so should have some time then to catch up on that editing plus I've managed to squeeze in a little holiday to Venice with my Auntie before New Years so there will be another vlog!! Lots of travel stuff to look forward to on here! Hope everyone is amazing and have lovely weeks and I hope you like this chatty post.



This stuff is lovely though slightly difficult to use, I'm sure you'll agree if you've tried it yourself. I think Dirty Deal is the only 'showder' (shower powder) Lush do and it's limited addition which hopefully will change because I love it! When the powder mixes with water it turns into a creamy exfoliating shower wash that smells of bergamot and rose. But as I said it is a bit impractical and difficult to use without dropping it completely missing your body. I take a handful, briefly run it under the shower and then sort of throw it on myself.. not ideal but it works well enough. So the product is great but the idea behind it is to spread awareness on the Translantic Trade and Inverstment Partnership (TTIP), a 'dirty deal' being negatiated between Europe and the USA. Vivenne Westwood said about the agreement "TIPP is a deal which would give giant Monopolies supreme power. They would have more power than Governments! It's anti-people. The line is drawn between Profit and People. People are dispensable. The Earth is dispensable.". If you're interested in learning more about TTIP then google it, it's pretty interesting and amazing to see what the people in charge get up to with the majority of us not realising!


Can't believe I live here (not here exactly, that's a church..)! Such a lucky gal, it's too beautiful even in the rain. And if you've never seen a picture of Salzburg in the snow... google now. It looks like a scene from Frozen.. So I've been here exactly two weeks now and I've noticed a few differences between Salzburg and the UK so I thought I'd share them with you in a bit of a lighthearted post. I'll probably add to this or do a part two as I discover other bits and bobs the longer I stay! So far it's been a great few weeks, I've made amazing friends and settled in in my course. I cycle everywhere which is mega relaxing and I think the change in lifestyle has really made me a much happier person!

1. Mayo comes in a tube, tomato puree style... this may have been the biggest surprise I've had

2. Everyone has a bike, no one wears helmets 

3. Beer = water

4. On Sunday everything closes.. everything

5. Dirndls and Lederhosen are normal acceptable items of clothing for everyday wear

6. Binge drinking isn't a thing

7. No one is overweight, men jog in tiny tight shorts

8. They drive on the right

9. The only pubs here are Irish ones

10. Snow isn't a problem, everything carries on as usual

11. Bikes are never chained up when left in bike racks.. can you imagine that happening anywhere in England?!

12. There's no litter. It's weirdly clean, I don't know how it's managed but I'm happy it is!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be writing some more specific 'travel' posts about what I get up to here so keep an eye out if you're interested! The next one will be about my trip to Munich for Oktoberfest last weekend! I'm also planning another trip to Vienna and possibly a trip to Verona (so romantic!) in Italy as by train it's not so far! Benefits of living in mainland Europe!


Of course I couldn't help myself in duty free... I always give myself so much time at airports, expecting it to take years to get through security but really it never does! Whoever said you need to be at the airport at least two hours before your flight was crazy.. but anyway back to the haul. As you can see I picked up some nice bits. Firstly my first ever MAC Cremesheen Glass in the colour 'Deelight'. I've been really getting in to wearing glossy lips recently and always use my NYX Buttergloss which I love! But I wanted another shade and this one stood out to me as a perfect 'my lips but better' colour so I picked it up. Secondly, the thing I was most excited about (and still am) is the OPI Passport To Colour travel exclusive set! Can we just appreciate the colours in this set for a second... it's like they made it just for my tastes! I love red nails and now I have plenty to choose from but I also love the nude/nude-grey shades like my Rimmel Rita Ora one you can see here. Also I've never used OPI before so quite excited to see what all the fuss is about! Then once I arrived in Austria (which is where I was headed if you haven't read about it in my previous post) I found a Kiko store! There I picked up the Unlimited Foundation in warm beige 15. Kiko has so many light shades which is great for me as I'm super pale, they also actually have loads of dark shades so in general Kiko is great found foundation. And then I also got their full coverage concealer as my MAC studio finish is running out and I needed a replacement. I've used this loads since I got it and think it's just as good as the MAC one but a little cheaper which is great!  


I'm not really one to do dedicated life up date posts I guess because I think who really cares!! Plus my real life is not half as glamorous as you might think from reading my blog... but anyway today's an exception as lots of stuff is happening which will effect what goes up on here and my Instagram. I will keep it brief though. Firstly, I'm moving to Austria for 5 months for an Erasmus exchange which I'm really excited about. Secondly as the summer has ended my the travel posts on my blog are going to be a bit sparser... sigh. So back to beauty/fashion blogging from me for a while! Lastly my boyfriend and I broke up recently which is why I haven't been posting as regularly as normal. I feel happy and free and moving to Austria is going to give me a completely fresh start so the timing is perfect. So yeah.. that's it really! I've been super busy packing my bags and planning what clothes I'm going to need for the cold winter there and I can't wait to get some Austria posts up on here for you to add to the Vienna one from around Easter! Hope you're all well and don't forget to enter my MAC giveaway, it's running until Christmas so you'll definitely have a chance and good luck if you do!


I'm finally getting round to writing the second half of my Morocco travel diary, you can read the first half here for this post to follow on nicely. So after arriving in Tangier train station we had a long walk to the hotel we'd booked for our stay but we didn't mind. It was early in the morning so not too hot and the whole walk was along the beach which was beautiful. We luckily had help finding the hotel as it was in the old town of Tangier where the streets are really confusing! Tangier is a really beautiful town when you stick to the older sections and a lot more relaxed and less busy than Marrakech which worked for me as by this time in the trip I had tired myself out! We ate a few times in Cafe Hafa which you have to go to if you're ever there! The picture above shows the view of Gibraltar you can see from the cafe terraces. Plus the food was the best we had in the whole of Morocco bar the home cooked meal we had in the Riad in Marrakech. The Kasbah (castle) was really interesting and beautiful to look around though the museum had no English translations, only Arabic and French.

From Tangier we visited Chefchaouen, the blue city which I Instagram-ed quite a lot of as it is so beautiful! The whole town is painted blue and it's settled up in the mountains so the views are amazing. Seriously if you're interested Google image search the place, you'll be blown away. Here we wandered round the streets and got invited for tea in a shop owned by two really nice guys who showed us all their Berber rugs and blankets which for a girl who studies textiles was really interesting! In the center of the town is another Kasbah which we didn't get the chance to go in to as it was closed but was impressive enough to look at from the outside. I was able to get a few really nice pictures from a roof terrace we stopped at for lunch. I love how the trees seem to be growing from the Kasbah walls.

We were advised to not swim in the sea in Tangier because the port made it dirty though it looked fine and locals were in and out with no problem. But we ended up going to Asilah as the beach there is called Paradise Beach, we couldn't really say no. I'm so glad we ended up going there because the town is really beautiful! There is yet another Kasbah and a fortification on the sea all painted white which was really pretty. It felt really medieval there as the walls were so high round the streets and this also made it really cool which I appreciated! However the main highlight of Asilah for me was the camels! They were so adorable especially a little baby one which just wandered round the beach after it's mum. It was very surreal to be sunbathing and look up to see a camel walking past. I'd definitely recommend going there for a day if you're staying near by. Plus the sea despite it being on the Atlantic not Mediterranean side was still warm enough to swim in.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my trip around Morocco! 


As you can see from these pictures Morocco is a beautiful country. My friends and I flew into Marrakech where we spent the first four days of our trip. I enjoyed Marrakech but was quite happy to be leaving by the end as it is very busy and polluted. The best part of the city by far was the central Medina which was amazing to walk around at night. The picture above shows the view from one of many roof terraces surrounding the hustle of the food stalls and souks. I found the bartering stressful to begin with but got used to it by the end of the holiday, my advice would be don't buy from the first shop. Look around and work out how much things go for otherwise you'll be ripped off. I found everything in Marrakech was very money orientated, even people who offer to help you with directions expect to be paid which got quite annoying. Another thing I didn't like about the city was the unwanted attention from men my and my friends got wherever we went. It wore me down! However there were a few exceptions where people were really nice, though more outside of the city than in.

Our first day trip from Marrakech was to Ouzoud Waterfalls which were really beautiful and well worth a visit. It cost 300 Dirham for a tourist bus there which is about £20 so really good value as they're about 2 hours away. Once there you'll be approached by guides. Usually on the trip we avoided guides but here you need one to enjoy the day as it is quite a trek to the top and would be stressful without someone showing you the best way to go. It was very relaxed and we stopped to swim in the lakes and also to jump on a raft and be paddled into one of the waterfalls which was really fun. I think it took about 4 hours to walk around the valley in total and it was quite difficult in places so definitely not somewhere for people who don't want to sweat though you do get to stop for lunch! 

Our second day trip was to Essaouira which again cost £300 Dirhams for transport there though this time we stopped off at a tree filled with goats... yes you read that right.. and a place they make argan oil which was quite interesting. Essaouira is an amazing seaside fortification town where bits of Game of Thrones was filmed (omg). We explored the fort and then did a bit of shopping in the little streets in the old part of the town. It was so chilled out compared to Marrakech and much more like what I expected Morocco to be like. If I ever go back I'd stay here and do day trips to the city but you live and learn! The two pictures above and one below are all of Essaouira, it was really difficult to narrow down all the pictures I took as there were many but I think these show of how beautiful it was there.

After the four days we spent in and around Marrakech we caught the overnight train to Tangier which surprisingly was one of my favourite parts of the holiday! We got a sleeper compartment to ourselves which worked out quite well as there are four beds in each compartment and were four of us. You can buy four tickets if you want a compartment to yourself otherwise you end up sharing with other people. It was simple but comfortable and only 250 Dirhams. I'll post the second half of this travel diary (if you can call it that?) very soon so keep an eye out if you're interested!


I can't believe how long its been since I posted anything beauty related!! What is wrong with me?! Especially as it's just been my birthday and I got a few new nice bits some of which is included in this post. I'm definitely going to have to pick up my beauty blogger game and do a haul soon. A while back I posted my favourite red lip combo, which you can read about here, and you guys seemed to like it so today I thought I'd share with you my favourite nude lip combo as I've been wearing this a lot recently. Finally jumped on the Kylie Jenner lips band wagon.. I know so so late but I find nude lips difficult to pull off with such pale skin (turns out I just hadn't found the right shade for me). So here I have the MAC matte lipstick in Kinda Sexy which I got because Sharon Farrell, a beauty guru I've been loving, mentioned how much it suited her. I found a video where she used it and fell in love with the shade. The lipliner is MAC Boldly There which I think is actually a shade Kylie uses. My friend Emily got me this for my birthday after I kept using hers while we were in Valencia! And lastly to top off these two I sometimes use the NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel to give a pinker look to the more brown undertones of the MAC products. What are you guys favourite nude lip combos?


First of all I should apologise for my lack of posts over the last week and a bit! You may already know if you follow me on Instagram that I was in Morocco travelling with friends so didn't have the time/internet access to do anything. I'll have a few posts up about my trip (and a vlog) soonish but again I'm really busy sorting out my first semester of second year which I'll be studying in Salzburg. Excuses excuses ahah. But back to todays post, the last 'An English Day Out' I'll be doing for a while as as I said I'll be living in Austria! A while back I went to Bodiam Castle, yes another castle... it's a very English thing to do/go and see. My family even has a National Trust membership haha. It's really beautiful and I think much more of an impressive castle, architecture wise, than Hever Castle which was the first day out post I wrote about. However Hever has a more impressive history and the grounds are amazing so I think it is my favourite. Bodiam is definitely worth visiting though as it's lovely to see and it has a massive moat which is pretty cool! 

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Following on from my Oliver Bonas haul I have the corresponding day out post from my trip to London. I popped up with my auntie to sort out my visa for Austria and as we were there we decided to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. We're quite a pair really and go together all the time but it had been a while as we've both been so busy with our own lives so this was a treat following a stressful visa application (any of you applied for a visa before? Never again). I love the V&A, the building itself is so impressive and the atmosphere is great, always busy. We debated going to see the Pleasure and Pain exhibition sponsored by Clarks as I get free tickets being a Clarks employee but in the end we spent our time looking around the permanent exhibitions as it's something we don't always have time to enjoy. 

I love London, I see why people count it as one of the most interesting cities in the world. Every time I go I experience something new. One day I'll live there even if it's only for a year just to know the hustle and bustle and be a part of it. Plus to have a career in Textiles in England, London seems to be the place to be. Moving on- thought I'd let you know I wont be posting for about two weeks as I'm going traveling round Morocco! I leave tomorrow morning and fly to Marrakesh where we will spend a few days before making our way north. We fly home from Tangier and have a day stop in Madrid which is a nice little plus to end the holiday on and of course I will be blogging about the lot of it so you have something to look forward to when I get back! Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!

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Recently I had to pop up to London to sort my visa out for Austria... this turned out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined but it's all sorted now. And incase that makes no sense to you (which it might not as I'm not even sure I've mentioned it on the blog yet) I'm moving to Salzburg at the end of Septemeber for an Erasmus exchange!! Very exciting, I can't wait to leave and I've been using it as a perfect excuse to revamp my winter wardrobe as it gets hella cold there. I'll probably blog about that soon too but I don't want to depress people still hoping for a little more summer here in the UK. But anyway, back to this haul... as I was in London with my auntie (who is such a bad influence when it comes to spending money!) a little shopping couldn't be helped and in Victoria station we found an Oliver Bonas completely by chance. So of course with the confirmation in my mind that it was meant to be I ended up taking these two bits home. Unfortunately I can't remember how much they were and in fact my Auntie ended up getting them for my birthday so I don't have a receipt to check. But aren't they both beautiful, I love the colours and the patterns and I can completely see these in my own house one day brightening up a white wall, wooden floored room... sigh.. I 100% understand the Oliver Bonas hype now! Everything in there was perfect and I bet living near one can become a massive money pit!


Continuing on from my last 'an English day out' post I have another Cornwall one for you, this time in St. Ives where my family, friend Agi and I went on my birthday! It is a really beautiful town on the north coast of Cornwall famous for the beach and a favourite for surfers though there weren't any out the day we visited. But the reason I chose St.Ives to visit on my birthday is because there is a Tate Gallery there which I've never been to but really wanted to. Its tiny in comparison to the ones in London but worth a visit as the exhibitions they put on are always good (so I've heard from classmates and lecturers) and can confirm from my one visit. After the Tate we went to the nearby beach called Carbis Bay which you can see in the second picture. It was really beautiful and we went for a quick swim there before shooting home to start dinner as we were all starving. We had planned and bought for a BBQ but, of course being England, it started to rain so everything ended up being grilled in the oven. But that made no difference to it being a lovely day!

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As some of you will already know, I go to university in Falmouth but up until recently I haven't had the chance to explore the area as first year of uni is.. busy (aka I was way too poor to do anything slightly further afield). Recently my family came and stayed for a week and together we visited lots of beautiful places nearby that I didn't realise even existed like St. Michael's Mount and Kynance Cove. And maybe this is just me but looking back at these pictures I wouldn't recognise them as rainy England, infact being there felt like being abroad it was so pretty. Cornwall in general is an amazing place if you like beaches and countryside so I definitley now get holidaying in the country.

We went to St. Micheal's Mount in the morning but unfortunately the main house was closed so we only walked around the outside but still it was pretty impressive especially with the tide out. When the tide comes in the mount is only accessible by boat and people do actually live on it which seems pretty crazy to me! Way too isolated for my liking and can you imagine being on that tiny island in a storm?! But each to their own! And after some lunch (of course belly comes first) we went to Kynance Cove which really is breathtaking. The sun wasn't shining when we were there so you don't really get the full effect from my pictures so if you're interested in seeing a beautiful tropical looking English beach google then place!

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This post has been promised for such a long time now so massive apologies for that if you were looking out for it! I'm sure you all understand/relate to how life tends to get's in the way of blogging sometimes (hence all the life posts lately.. got to have something to write about). I'll address whats been going on with me in another post as it's quite exciting and will definitely effect the content on here. But anyway, back to facemasks! These are all geared towards combination/oily skin prone to breakouts (aka my skin type... sigh) so are clay based and unfortunately not majorly moisturising so people with dry skin wont find this post very relevant. I'll explain what I like about each one separately.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay
I picked this up on iherb, tempted by the amazing reviews- people saying it was a miracle mask for acne and blackheads and that it had changed their lives and as it is only £3.85 nothing could stop me. It comes in powder form which I find quite annoying because it's just faff to have to mix it but the plus side is you have the choice between mixing with water or apple cider vinegar which change how the mask feels and works. I use water because its accessible but it does make the powder harder to mix and you end up with a lumpy texture, with the vinegar it goes a bit more moussey. The mask drys very tight and because of that your face does feel like it's pulsating which is pretty weird but you get used to it. It also feels quite itchy while it's drying. You can 100% see a difference when you take it off, your clear skin looks brighter (which is the main reason I like it) and spots do dry up.

Superfacialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask
The thing that drew me to this mask was the ingredients list, it contains salicyic acid which is basically and acid exfoliant so I thought it would be interesting to see if the two together make a bigger difference than a mask without any in. The consistency is your usual creamy clay mask texture which then drys sucking out impurities. The mask is really cool and refreshing when you put it on and I do find it stings slightly on more delicate areas of skin and on spots which I doesn't bother me massively as my skin isn't very sensitive. Once removed my skin is left feeling very fresh and quite pink. I find this mask brings everything to the surface of the skin much more quickly than my other masks which in the long run is a good thing. 

Origins Clear Improvement
This is by far the most expensive mask and the one I tend to use least but I do still love it which is why I decided to include it in my favourites. I use this mask when my skin isn't looking that bad but could use as pep as I find it quite light and not drying at all. It's great for making pores look small but not so great at drying out spots (for that I'd use the next one). I also find my skin is a lot less oily the days after I've used it which is great. The mask is cooling and refreshing when you put it on and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight which I love. 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
Lastly this mask is another iherb purchase which I was sucked into buying because of the amazing reviews and inexpensive price of £2.51. I love the smell of this mask which makes love using it even more. For acne prone skin this is a godsend. Some days I will use this all over my skin as it removes blackheads amazingly, reduces the appearance of pores, leaves my skin less oily in the days after using it and drys up spots. However because it is so good at the latter I also use this a lot as a sort of spot treatment, so only on areas that need major help. I will apply one layer, let it dry and wash it off and then repeat to help massively reduce size and redness.


This post is pretty late as the beer festival was at least a month ago but better late than never and as it quite perfectly fits in with the 'English day out' posts I'm starting I don't really mind. Now I'm not really sure if beer festivals are more of a German thing, I'm thinking of Oktoberfest (does anyone know?) put drinking local brew in the park in the afternoon felt pretty English to me.. not to mention being surrounded by Union Jack bunting. The weather was lovely and mild and the atmosphere was calm and happy, everyone just chilling watching the sun go down. Later on in the evenings some local bands played on the stage in the tent and overall it was really fun. I went to Reading Festival a few years ago and it was certainly nothing like how cute and quaint this one is. Does anyone else have a local beer festival that they enjoy going to? 

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I wish I could constantly write about travel adventures and amazing holidays I've been on but unfortunately neither student finance or my pay cheques are that generous... so I'll settle for a little English day out instead which hopefully those of you from outside of the UK will enjoy reading about! Today I went to Hever Castle, previously the home of Anne Boleyn but more recently restored by the Astor family. It is quite beautiful as you can see and the weather was amazing, my feet got a little sun burnt... struggles of being so pale. We ate lunch in the moat restaurant where I had the most delicious flapjack, I'd go back just to get another though of course it was all really impressive. I used to go there a lot as a child and vaguely remember playing in the water maze so it was nice to go back. As it's the summer holidays I'm sure there will be a few more of these posts coming up so I hope you liked! 

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During the week my friend Connie and I decided to go to Brighton for lunch and a catch up and (of course) a cheeky bit of shopping. Beforehand we ate at Zizi's in The Lanes, I had a raspberry softtail with my meal and it was amazing! 100% recommend. Afterwards we went to Lush and Mac plus a few other shops nearby and then made our way up to the main shopping centre. It was a lovely day out and I thought I'd show you what I picked up! Also, in case you were wondering, I did keep a look out for Zoella/any of that group that live in Brighton as it would have been pretty cool to bump into them and I'm sure this post would have got a little more buzz as a result but alas... no luck!! 

Firstly in Lush I picked up Marilyn hair treatment as I've heard Fashion Rocks My Socks mention it a few times and wanted to give it a go. It's a treatment for people who want lighter brighter blonde hair by stopping brassy orange tones from building up. I haven't tried it yet but will give it a mention once I do! I also got Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic which is the white one with colorful bits in it... worst description ever, sorry! I have used this one before and remember liking it though I don't remember what it does in the water or what colour it is on the inside so I'm looking forward to finding out! I also donated £1 to charity and got a Charity Pot Hand&Body Lotion tester which I quite like though the tin is really hard to get in to! The Kiko store in Brighton must be reasonably new as I haven't seen it before but I was quite excited as I've never tried anything from them before. I ended up getting the Eyetech Look Eyeshadow Sticks which Pixiwoo always use and rave about. I got the colours (swatched left to right) 102, 116 and 117 and I've been using these all the time since, they're really nice and a great alternative to normal eyeshadow or paint pots! 


While in Valencia last week me and my friends took the opportunity to spend the last of our euros in Brandy Melville and Pull&Bear as you obviously would.. so I thought I'd share with you what I got. I've never actually been into either of these shops in the UK, only ever on holiday so I don't know if the prices vary massively but in Spain they're really inexpensive and the clothing seems to be spot on 99% of the time *prays one opens closer to home* 

In Brandy Melville I got the red and white halter neck crop top. They only do one size fits all which I think we can all agree is pretty crap (estimate it would fit a UK 8-12). I also got the bracelet there which I really love. It's very delicate and probably wont last very long but so so pretty. *the bracelet has since broken which sucks!* In Pull&Bear I got quite a similar top but in black and white. I'd say the quality of this one feels a little better than BM and it was less money which is great! 


Last week me and three of my favourite people went on holiday to Valencia to begin our summer holidays so I thought it only right to share a few pictures and talk about what we got up to! We were lucky enough to stay a beautiful hotel right in the middle of the old town called San Lorenzo Boutique which I highly recommend if you're looking for somewhere to stay in Valencia. It was less than a five minuet walk to the Cathedral and Carmen which is where we found all the good nightlife and food as well as the tram and bus station which we used to get anywhere not in the old area of the city. 

As we were there for a whole week we found time to visit the Aquarium which is in the City of Science and Arts (building in the picture above). It was advertised as the largest aquarium in Europe and is definitely worth a visit if you're into that sort of thing, more so it's a great excuse to venture down to that end of the city and see the buildings there which were very impressive. However over the Aquarium I'd recommend the Biopark which was truly incredible. I've never been to a zoo quite like it, the enclosures are amazing and very natural. Animals are divided up into Savannah, Africa and Madagascar areas and left to roam freely as they would in the wild excluding the predators which were given their own (still huge and amazing) enclosures. 

There are so many architectural sights that are a must see while in Valencia such as the Cathedral, Torres de Serranos (picture above), Mercado Central and many more. A tourist map is very helpful to make sure you don't miss out on anything. The Modern Art Museum was also a great way to spend a few hours. The beach in Valencia is a 15 minuet tram ride from the old town and is worth a trip if you enjoy swimming and tanning. As for food we found the area around the Cathedral and towards Carmen had the best reasonably priced places. In fact the whole of Valencia was very reasonably priced especially compared to Barcelona. As for going out Friday and Saturday are definitely the best nights and the streets in Carmen get really busy and the atmosphere is great. We found lots of great bars and pubs there to chill out in in the evenings and even some more 'clubby' type places which was fun! I really enjoyed Valencia and would love to go back one day much more than I'd want to revisit Barcelona. Probably because it was less touristy and a bit more... Spanish?