Let me begin by admitting this post is very.. very late, two years late in fact... I kinda just forgot about uploading these and chatting about my holiday until today when I just fancied it. Maybe it's because I have major holiday blues having just returned from Vienna. The only saving grace is that the weather I came back to in the UK is actually amazing for this time of year! But back to Greece, I went in May 2013 to Lindos, a little not so touristy town in Rhodes. As you can see from the pictures it is your typical Mediterranean looking holiday which personally are my favourite. I love the blue of the sea against the while buildings, it's so beautiful. Lindos is a little different though thanks to the acropolis on top of the hill. It's a temple of Athena surrounded by a castle built much much later by the Knights of St. John among other architecture from other periods, a bit of a mish mash really- great if you like history. You can read more here if you're interested. The town has two main beaches, one facing out onto the sea, the more popular and easier to get to. The second (shown in the last picture) facing an enclosed bay which is really beautiful and calm. The town is really pretty and traditionally Mediterranean, lots of great places to eat as well as a few relaxed pubs which I really enjoyed. The hotel we stayed in is called Lindos View and it's amazing, I highly highly recommend. The owners were lovely, they were there to greet us when we arrived despite it being a ridiculous time in the morning. You can read their Tripadvisor reviews here. So if you can't tell already, I really loved this holiday and this little town, it has so much character and if you're looking for somewhere chilled out to go on holiday in Greece this is such an amazing place! 


This Easter I was lucky enough to squeeze in a holiday to Vienna with my friend Katie and we were also lucky enough to stay with my cousin and his girlfriend who live there! Vienna is such a beautiful city and was so chilled out, maybe we were (again) just lucky but it wasn't crowded at all even at the main tourist destinations in the first district and Schönbrunn. The first district is full of stunningly grand architecture which you have to see when visiting and I definitely recommend paying to go up to the top of Stephansdom, it wasn't expensive. The zoo in Schönbrunn is another must, it's by far the best I've ever visited. The range of animals was huge and they all looked so well looked after and happy. The palace is also really beautiful and impressive, seemed never ending. Food to try in Vienna/Austria in general includes schnitzel, apple strudel and Sachertorte though I didn't really enjoy the latter. Something worth mentioning is the Austrians way of tipping is quite different to in England. The tip isn't included in the bill, instead you round up how much change you want which is pretty weird but actually makes so much sense, plus it's completely normal to pay separately when with friends rather than trying to work out how to split the bill yourselves. I've got major holiday blues writing this which sucks but I enjoy sharing my travel adventures with you guys so never mind! Have any of you been to Vienna, do any of you actually live in Vienna? If so I am very jealous!


1. Lush shopping spree and subsequent 2 hour long bath sesh.

2.Nutella... just Nutella.

3. Youtube binge, I love distracting myself from life by watching other peoples... *cough* SacconeJolys *cough* so much love for them.

4. Cat Vines, need I say more?

5. See someone you know makes you laugh and feel good.

6. Or if you prefer time alone fuck everyone else! You be alone and you enjoy it!

7. Play music.. loud... and dance.

8. Embrace your ugly cry face and let it out!

9. Do some baking. Maybe this is just me but I find it mega relaxing and distracting.

10. Snuggle- be it with your pet, friend or boyf.

11. Get an M&S meal deal for dinner. It's easy but delicious and food can, in my experience, dramatically affect your mood.

12. Have a good old fashioned pamper sesh.

13. Watch a movie, more specifically a Disney movie.

14. Therapeutic cleaning? No?

15. Have a clear out and eBay everything, extra cash always makes me happy!

16. Go and spend said cash on things you desperately need in life.

17. Have a wine night with friends, dressing up isn't optional.

18. Or lounge in your comfiest trackies and chill out!

19. Decide whether or not what you're upset about is worth your time and then try to get over it.