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I think we need to appreciate how perfect these pictures are for a second... ok. So I've screenshot a few of my favourite interior posts from my Instgram feed recently to share with you which I hope you will like and find inspiring! First let's talk about that Moroccan riad (aka traditional Moroccan house built around a central courtyard) which I have fallen in love with, imagine living in a house like that with such beautiful weather all year round. The colours appeal to me on so many levels and they white is also practical keeping the courtyard even cooler in the heat of the day. I'm ]traveling around Morocco in September and I hope/pray to stay somewhere like this if we get the chance. I was drawn to the picture of the wooden chest which surprised me because red isn't usually my cup of tea when it comes to interiors but for whatever reason here it works for me. The ornate patterns and antique look to it really brings life to the white walls and floor of this persons house. It's the same situation with those bed covers... I need them but unfortunately they are a little out of my budget (Anthropologie) Their Instagram is great for inspiration though. And lastly I recently started following A Beautiful Mess on Instgram after finding out about them watching a Lily Melrose video. It's the dining room in one of their houses and I thought I'd include this picture because I love the contrast between the heavy solid wooden table and the light and pretty wall decoration. It's girly but practical which I love and looks amazing!


Another slightly weird post today, not been feeling the usual beauty blogger content (aka.. lack of funds means I have nothing new to share with you) but hopefully you'll enjoy this none the less. A while back my student union threw a jungle themed party which I was embarrassingly excited about... hoping to improve on the face painting skills I acquired around the age of six? With the completely willing help of my friends I did manage to an extent, this is what I came up with. The pictures above show my favourite 'looks' of the night. YC was meant to be a monkey but ended up as a bit of a bear/wolf mix thanks to the previously consumed bottle of wine... you know how it is. Jess is a jaguar or leopard which I think suited her chocolate eyes perfectly and ended up looking really feminine and pretty.

My face paint was inspired by this picture which is meant to be a dragon or snake but everyone thought I looked more like a peacock! I liked how long my eyelashes look, it's actually just the black line from my nose continuing into eyeliner and then into an extended and very dramatic cat eye of sorts. Peter was meant to be a crocodile but by the time I did his face paint I was having a little trouble concentrating so I don't think it turned out very well! What do you guys think? Hopefully anyone looking for animal themed face paint ideas will find this inspiring even though it's all a bit rough around the edges!  


As some of you will already know I currently live in Falmouth, a seaside town in Cornwall, where I'm studying BA Textiles at the university. I thought it might be interesting for those of you applying to university who are considering Falmouth or even Exeter, who we share the campus with here, to hear what I have to say on the town and surrounding area and what it's like to be a student in the west country. I'm planning on writing a separate post on the BA Textiles course here which I will link to once it is up. Hope you enjoy this slightly different than usual post on my blog!

Chilled out best sums up the town and the bars and restaurants all have that 'Shoreditch cool' feel which personally I love. If you want a proper night then you'll have to venture further afield... ie. Newquay where you'll find plenty of clubs. On campus (which is actually in Penryn) we have a joint university student union bar which is a massive deal here and very popular. They host parties fortnightly which are always worth going to if you are quick enough to get your hands on a ticket. Truro, which is about 20 minuets away by train, has a larger shopping center so the lack of highstreet stores here isn't that bad... infact not having a Topshop in Falmouth has undoubtedly saved me ALOT of money.

I like to go to the beach as often as possible because it is so beautiful and such a fun relaxing day out and there are so many water sports clubs and societies to get involved with like sailing and surfing. I have to say don't be put off by how isolated being this far west may come across. Yes my train journey home takes around 8 hours but honestly being independent is a great thing. When you live too close to home you don't get that. Instead focus on how outstanding the universities are here and the added benefits of having two different ones.. it's so diverse. This area of the country is obviously beautiful and I count myself lucky to live here. I had hoped to study in London originally because I thought the courses would be worth the lifestyle and economic drawbacks but I was completely wrong, the university is now the top in the country for arts so I haven't had any compromises. If you have any questions about Falmouth or anything else related ask in the comments and keep a look out for my response! 


Today I have an essentials haul to share with you (courtesy of student finance finally coming through) such as the Mac Studio Finish Concealer which is my holy grail and the Studio Fix powder which I use as a base along with the Body Shops Tea Tree BB Cream! If you haven't tried it before I definitely recommend you do. It hasn't ever broken me out and has a really cool gel/mousse like consistency which melts onto the skin and gives decent coverage. The InstaBlur is another favourite of mine and far far better than the Benefit Porefessional plus so much cheaper. Two other must haves for me are the Soap&Glory Supercat (only liquid eyeliner I can successfully use) and Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil which is just wow... I use the shade Love is Blonde and it's the only ashy darkish blonde brow pencil from the high street which works for me, another definite recommend. One end is a retractable pencil which is great if you hate sharpening like me and the other end is a really fine pen or 'tint' as they call it which I use to draw in little hairs, it's very natural looking. Lastly I picked up two new bits, the Soap&Glory One Heck of a Blot and Mac paint pot in Bare Study which I've been using a highlight, it's really golden which I love.


How effing cool is this jacket... and I got it on sale (thankyou M&S). It's definitely something I would never have worn in my 'younger teen' years which isn't surprising considering how fashionable confused I was back then, obviously not the only one in that boat though... sigh at us. It probably won't be to everyones taste as it is a bit out there and that's a lot of sequins but I find the 70s rock star Freddie Mercury/David Bowie thing way cooler than I should do and I feel like they'd have worn this jacket. I'd wear it with black jeans and ankle boots to dress it down as much as possible though will still keep it as an evenings rather than day time outfit. I reckon with the amount of sun reflecting of the sequins you could blind someone. What do you guys think of it, too eccentric or no?