Following on from my Oliver Bonas haul I have the corresponding day out post from my trip to London. I popped up with my auntie to sort out my visa for Austria and as we were there we decided to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. We're quite a pair really and go together all the time but it had been a while as we've both been so busy with our own lives so this was a treat following a stressful visa application (any of you applied for a visa before? Never again). I love the V&A, the building itself is so impressive and the atmosphere is great, always busy. We debated going to see the Pleasure and Pain exhibition sponsored by Clarks as I get free tickets being a Clarks employee but in the end we spent our time looking around the permanent exhibitions as it's something we don't always have time to enjoy. 

I love London, I see why people count it as one of the most interesting cities in the world. Every time I go I experience something new. One day I'll live there even if it's only for a year just to know the hustle and bustle and be a part of it. Plus to have a career in Textiles in England, London seems to be the place to be. Moving on- thought I'd let you know I wont be posting for about two weeks as I'm going traveling round Morocco! I leave tomorrow morning and fly to Marrakesh where we will spend a few days before making our way north. We fly home from Tangier and have a day stop in Madrid which is a nice little plus to end the holiday on and of course I will be blogging about the lot of it so you have something to look forward to when I get back! Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!

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Continuing on from my last 'an English day out' post I have another Cornwall one for you, this time in St. Ives where my family, friend Agi and I went on my birthday! It is a really beautiful town on the north coast of Cornwall famous for the beach and a favourite for surfers though there weren't any out the day we visited. But the reason I chose St.Ives to visit on my birthday is because there is a Tate Gallery there which I've never been to but really wanted to. Its tiny in comparison to the ones in London but worth a visit as the exhibitions they put on are always good (so I've heard from classmates and lecturers) and can confirm from my one visit. After the Tate we went to the nearby beach called Carbis Bay which you can see in the second picture. It was really beautiful and we went for a quick swim there before shooting home to start dinner as we were all starving. We had planned and bought for a BBQ but, of course being England, it started to rain so everything ended up being grilled in the oven. But that made no difference to it being a lovely day!

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As some of you will already know, I go to university in Falmouth but up until recently I haven't had the chance to explore the area as first year of uni is.. busy (aka I was way too poor to do anything slightly further afield). Recently my family came and stayed for a week and together we visited lots of beautiful places nearby that I didn't realise even existed like St. Michael's Mount and Kynance Cove. And maybe this is just me but looking back at these pictures I wouldn't recognise them as rainy England, infact being there felt like being abroad it was so pretty. Cornwall in general is an amazing place if you like beaches and countryside so I definitley now get holidaying in the country.

We went to St. Micheal's Mount in the morning but unfortunately the main house was closed so we only walked around the outside but still it was pretty impressive especially with the tide out. When the tide comes in the mount is only accessible by boat and people do actually live on it which seems pretty crazy to me! Way too isolated for my liking and can you imagine being on that tiny island in a storm?! But each to their own! And after some lunch (of course belly comes first) we went to Kynance Cove which really is breathtaking. The sun wasn't shining when we were there so you don't really get the full effect from my pictures so if you're interested in seeing a beautiful tropical looking English beach google then place!

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This post is pretty late as the beer festival was at least a month ago but better late than never and as it quite perfectly fits in with the 'English day out' posts I'm starting I don't really mind. Now I'm not really sure if beer festivals are more of a German thing, I'm thinking of Oktoberfest (does anyone know?) put drinking local brew in the park in the afternoon felt pretty English to me.. not to mention being surrounded by Union Jack bunting. The weather was lovely and mild and the atmosphere was calm and happy, everyone just chilling watching the sun go down. Later on in the evenings some local bands played on the stage in the tent and overall it was really fun. I went to Reading Festival a few years ago and it was certainly nothing like how cute and quaint this one is. Does anyone else have a local beer festival that they enjoy going to? 

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I wish I could constantly write about travel adventures and amazing holidays I've been on but unfortunately neither student finance or my pay cheques are that generous... so I'll settle for a little English day out instead which hopefully those of you from outside of the UK will enjoy reading about! Today I went to Hever Castle, previously the home of Anne Boleyn but more recently restored by the Astor family. It is quite beautiful as you can see and the weather was amazing, my feet got a little sun burnt... struggles of being so pale. We ate lunch in the moat restaurant where I had the most delicious flapjack, I'd go back just to get another though of course it was all really impressive. I used to go there a lot as a child and vaguely remember playing in the water maze so it was nice to go back. As it's the summer holidays I'm sure there will be a few more of these posts coming up so I hope you liked! 

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