Following on from my Oliver Bonas haul I have the corresponding day out post from my trip to London. I popped up with my auntie to sort out my visa for Austria and as we were there we decided to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. We're quite a pair really and go together all the time but it had been a while as we've both been so busy with our own lives so this was a treat following a stressful visa application (any of you applied for a visa before? Never again). I love the V&A, the building itself is so impressive and the atmosphere is great, always busy. We debated going to see the Pleasure and Pain exhibition sponsored by Clarks as I get free tickets being a Clarks employee but in the end we spent our time looking around the permanent exhibitions as it's something we don't always have time to enjoy. 

I love London, I see why people count it as one of the most interesting cities in the world. Every time I go I experience something new. One day I'll live there even if it's only for a year just to know the hustle and bustle and be a part of it. Plus to have a career in Textiles in England, London seems to be the place to be. Moving on- thought I'd let you know I wont be posting for about two weeks as I'm going traveling round Morocco! I leave tomorrow morning and fly to Marrakesh where we will spend a few days before making our way north. We fly home from Tangier and have a day stop in Madrid which is a nice little plus to end the holiday on and of course I will be blogging about the lot of it so you have something to look forward to when I get back! Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!

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  1. Lovely pictures


  2. London is such a pretty city, everything seems to be going on there!

    Beth x

  3. Beautiful pics, looks like a perfect day!

  4. Awesome post! Very lovely photos too. Happy Monday dear! :)

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  5. Wow... I've got exactly the same photo of the V&A baloons from the ceiling :))

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