I'm not really one to do dedicated life up date posts I guess because I think who really cares!! Plus my real life is not half as glamorous as you might think from reading my blog... but anyway today's an exception as lots of stuff is happening which will effect what goes up on here and my Instagram. I will keep it brief though. Firstly, I'm moving to Austria for 5 months for an Erasmus exchange which I'm really excited about. Secondly as the summer has ended my the travel posts on my blog are going to be a bit sparser... sigh. So back to beauty/fashion blogging from me for a while! Lastly my boyfriend and I broke up recently which is why I haven't been posting as regularly as normal. I feel happy and free and moving to Austria is going to give me a completely fresh start so the timing is perfect. So yeah.. that's it really! I've been super busy packing my bags and planning what clothes I'm going to need for the cold winter there and I can't wait to get some Austria posts up on here for you to add to the Vienna one from around Easter! Hope you're all well and don't forget to enter my MAC giveaway, it's running until Christmas so you'll definitely have a chance and good luck if you do!


I'm finally getting round to writing the second half of my Morocco travel diary, you can read the first half here for this post to follow on nicely. So after arriving in Tangier train station we had a long walk to the hotel we'd booked for our stay but we didn't mind. It was early in the morning so not too hot and the whole walk was along the beach which was beautiful. We luckily had help finding the hotel as it was in the old town of Tangier where the streets are really confusing! Tangier is a really beautiful town when you stick to the older sections and a lot more relaxed and less busy than Marrakech which worked for me as by this time in the trip I had tired myself out! We ate a few times in Cafe Hafa which you have to go to if you're ever there! The picture above shows the view of Gibraltar you can see from the cafe terraces. Plus the food was the best we had in the whole of Morocco bar the home cooked meal we had in the Riad in Marrakech. The Kasbah (castle) was really interesting and beautiful to look around though the museum had no English translations, only Arabic and French.

From Tangier we visited Chefchaouen, the blue city which I Instagram-ed quite a lot of as it is so beautiful! The whole town is painted blue and it's settled up in the mountains so the views are amazing. Seriously if you're interested Google image search the place, you'll be blown away. Here we wandered round the streets and got invited for tea in a shop owned by two really nice guys who showed us all their Berber rugs and blankets which for a girl who studies textiles was really interesting! In the center of the town is another Kasbah which we didn't get the chance to go in to as it was closed but was impressive enough to look at from the outside. I was able to get a few really nice pictures from a roof terrace we stopped at for lunch. I love how the trees seem to be growing from the Kasbah walls.

We were advised to not swim in the sea in Tangier because the port made it dirty though it looked fine and locals were in and out with no problem. But we ended up going to Asilah as the beach there is called Paradise Beach, we couldn't really say no. I'm so glad we ended up going there because the town is really beautiful! There is yet another Kasbah and a fortification on the sea all painted white which was really pretty. It felt really medieval there as the walls were so high round the streets and this also made it really cool which I appreciated! However the main highlight of Asilah for me was the camels! They were so adorable especially a little baby one which just wandered round the beach after it's mum. It was very surreal to be sunbathing and look up to see a camel walking past. I'd definitely recommend going there for a day if you're staying near by. Plus the sea despite it being on the Atlantic not Mediterranean side was still warm enough to swim in.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my trip around Morocco! 


As you can see from these pictures Morocco is a beautiful country. My friends and I flew into Marrakech where we spent the first four days of our trip. I enjoyed Marrakech but was quite happy to be leaving by the end as it is very busy and polluted. The best part of the city by far was the central Medina which was amazing to walk around at night. The picture above shows the view from one of many roof terraces surrounding the hustle of the food stalls and souks. I found the bartering stressful to begin with but got used to it by the end of the holiday, my advice would be don't buy from the first shop. Look around and work out how much things go for otherwise you'll be ripped off. I found everything in Marrakech was very money orientated, even people who offer to help you with directions expect to be paid which got quite annoying. Another thing I didn't like about the city was the unwanted attention from men my and my friends got wherever we went. It wore me down! However there were a few exceptions where people were really nice, though more outside of the city than in.

Our first day trip from Marrakech was to Ouzoud Waterfalls which were really beautiful and well worth a visit. It cost 300 Dirham for a tourist bus there which is about £20 so really good value as they're about 2 hours away. Once there you'll be approached by guides. Usually on the trip we avoided guides but here you need one to enjoy the day as it is quite a trek to the top and would be stressful without someone showing you the best way to go. It was very relaxed and we stopped to swim in the lakes and also to jump on a raft and be paddled into one of the waterfalls which was really fun. I think it took about 4 hours to walk around the valley in total and it was quite difficult in places so definitely not somewhere for people who don't want to sweat though you do get to stop for lunch! 

Our second day trip was to Essaouira which again cost £300 Dirhams for transport there though this time we stopped off at a tree filled with goats... yes you read that right.. and a place they make argan oil which was quite interesting. Essaouira is an amazing seaside fortification town where bits of Game of Thrones was filmed (omg). We explored the fort and then did a bit of shopping in the little streets in the old part of the town. It was so chilled out compared to Marrakech and much more like what I expected Morocco to be like. If I ever go back I'd stay here and do day trips to the city but you live and learn! The two pictures above and one below are all of Essaouira, it was really difficult to narrow down all the pictures I took as there were many but I think these show of how beautiful it was there.

After the four days we spent in and around Marrakech we caught the overnight train to Tangier which surprisingly was one of my favourite parts of the holiday! We got a sleeper compartment to ourselves which worked out quite well as there are four beds in each compartment and were four of us. You can buy four tickets if you want a compartment to yourself otherwise you end up sharing with other people. It was simple but comfortable and only 250 Dirhams. I'll post the second half of this travel diary (if you can call it that?) very soon so keep an eye out if you're interested!


First of all I should apologise for my lack of posts over the last week and a bit! You may already know if you follow me on Instagram that I was in Morocco travelling with friends so didn't have the time/internet access to do anything. I'll have a few posts up about my trip (and a vlog) soonish but again I'm really busy sorting out my first semester of second year which I'll be studying in Salzburg. Excuses excuses ahah. But back to todays post, the last 'An English Day Out' I'll be doing for a while as as I said I'll be living in Austria! A while back I went to Bodiam Castle, yes another castle... it's a very English thing to do/go and see. My family even has a National Trust membership haha. It's really beautiful and I think much more of an impressive castle, architecture wise, than Hever Castle which was the first day out post I wrote about. However Hever has a more impressive history and the grounds are amazing so I think it is my favourite. Bodiam is definitely worth visiting though as it's lovely to see and it has a massive moat which is pretty cool! 

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