Thank god it is (almost) New Years Eve... I hate the week between Christmas and now. I'm constantly in a state of bewilderment and confusion, recovering from food comas and Christmas excitement, with nothing much to do with my day. Anyway, this isn't one of those 'New Year, new me' posts as I vowed not to make any more unrealistic resolutions here. Instead it is about getting back on track after binging on too many mince pies and too much alcohol, when your body is lacking essential vitamins and minerals.. know the feeling? So, the recipe for this ginger and lime rainbow stir-fry which I cooked with my auntie on boxing day. We just about fed nine with this amount of food so I've said serves eight to be safe, perfect for detoxing after Christmas or a dinner party with friends any time of the year!


Coconut oil
7 shallots
7 cloves of garlic
6 chicken thighs or breasts (optional)
1 medium broccoli
225g or one packet green beans
3 large carrots
3 peppers
130g or one packet baby corn
4 heaped tbsp grated ginger

2 limes
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup Maggi 

600g any rice
Unsweetened coconut milk (optional)
1 tsp salt

Serves 8


Boil rice in water or 2:3 parts coconut milk to water. Add salt. Chop up the carrots and broccoli. Par-boil the carrots and steam the broccoli over them. Chop the green beans, peppers and baby corn and steam. I steamed them all together in a large frying pan as you can see above. Dice the shallots and chop the garlic. Brown both in coconut oil in a large pan. I used a paella dish. Dice the chicken and add to the shallots. Add all the veg to the chicken when almost fully cooked then add the grated ginger. Prepare the sauce by mixing the soy sauce, Maggi and juice of the limes. Add to stir-fry and season to taste with salt and pepper. Leave to simmer until the sauce is hot and then serve with rice. 

So basically chuck everything in, cook it and serve with whatever rice you fancy, maybe even noodles. Maggi can be bought in most supermarkets, I got mine in Tesco and it is suitable for vegetarians. You can put any old veg in this, the main flavour comes from the massive amount of garlic, lime and ginger. You could also add some leafiness like pat choy or spinach wilted on top or even some chilli when you add the ginger. If you have leftovers it tastes great cold with the rice so good for lunches! Hope you like my first ever food post!! 

Rome in December

Guys, if you take one piece of advice from this post let it be to visit Rome in December. It is perfect... no queuing, no sweating, no crowds just beautiful plentiful sightseeing opportunities! My friend Connie and I booked the spontaneous trip a few weeks ago and despite seriously lacking funds (thanks mum for the early Christmas present flights!) we had a seriously good time. Our adorable Airbnb was in the centre of the historic old town but unbelievably cost £15 per night (December, off-peak, need I say more). From there we explored the tiny streets, Roman ruins and the nightlife as much as a four day break allows!

The Roman Forum is breathtaking, tops the Colosseum by far! Definitely a must see, and you don't really need a ticket as from any vantage point nearby you get a perfect view. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip as I love Roman history and mythology. But prepare yourself... street sellers don't take winter off and tourists spots like these are impossible to navigate without a selfie stick being thrust in your face (upside down smile face emoji). The Colosseum was cool too and obviously unmissable when in Rome.

But you guys already know the famous sights in Rome - Trevi Fountain, Vatican City etc so I won't ramble on about them (other than saying they're well worth the visit and I recomend a guided tour for the Vatican). Potentially more interesting to some, you HAVE to visit Gelateria del Teatro for the best freaking icecream of life... seriously just go, no need to thank me haha. Also for those who enjoy a night out, do it! We had a hilarious and eventful time in the bars around the district of Parione. The locals and bar tenders were very generous leaving me with an ever so slightly patchy memory of one night. As well as a video of me and a lovely Italian man riding around on what I assume was his bicycle, a memory Connie and I will surely cherish for its comic value for years to come! 

Anyway... Rome in December, by far the best month to visit if you want to pack as much in as possible and be able to appreciate the sights to the fullest! It is a beautiful city, something to see on every corner and I can't wait to go back.


I can't stop singing Christmas songs... I can't wait for this term to end... I can't wait to get back into blogging!! University literally takes up all of my time, even when I'm not working I'll be thinking about work (upsidedown smile emoji) so home is greatly anticipated right now! Plus there are fun things planned for the holiday, traveling and potential work placements but also REST & RELAXATION. I am going to live Hygge, take full advantage of the big bath tub at my parents, bake christmas-y treats to my hearts content and forget about life/responsibilities for the duration of the holiday. Doesn't that sound blinking perfect! 

Alsooo, I've decided to start taking the importance of anonymity more seriously on my blog and other online platforms so will no longer be using my real name on here. I have also unlinked my Instagram account as it is my own and not blog related but instead will have specific Insta posts, similar to this one! As the end of university draws closer *freaks out* and the prospect of working and adulting becomes inevitable *freaks out more* it seems like a good idea to keep my real name professional. 

Sorry, that was probably super boring to read. Back to thinking about christmas and christmas-y things. I haven't had a mince pie yet and we are four days into December... wtf?! I also need to start thinking about buying/making presents for my family! I love this time of year, v v excited. Also going to Rome soon so lots to blog about! Here's to an amazingly festive, less stressful but productive December! x

*update* have now had a mince pie... petitioning for them to be sold all year round


I can not get over how freaking fast this year has gone, end of October.. seriously?! Although the prospect of mince pies and warm woolen jumpers cheers me up. But back to the post, my Halloween costume! Because it's a Monday everyone decided to celebrate last weekend so we could fully commit to a night out without the worry of early lectures on Tuesday. I decided to dress up as Bambi's mum to the dismay and delight of many- some thought it was a little morbid but hey, that's what Halloween is all about! My housemate in the picture above dressed up as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, complete with home made crown and skirt and our outfits coordinated completely by chance! I'm going to explain how I did the bullet wound with no special fx makeup and facepaint below. 

The bullet wound was actually really really easy to do, all you need is some tissue or toilet paper, PVA or eyelash glue (I used PVA) and fake blood. Firstly you separate the layers of the tissue so you have one thin layer and then tear a strip to roll up length ways to create the ridge around the hole. PVA this to your skin, make sure where you're sticking is oil/makeup free so it stays better. Then rip a piece of tissue slightly bigger than a 2p to lay over the circle and PVA all over. This layer is what really keeps the circle down, mine lasted all night and really only peeling it off yourself with get it off. Once the glue has dried clear you can shadow with makeup bruising colours and inside the wound completely black. Then drip some fake blood inside the hole and let it run down your chest! Watch this video for more detail. 

As for the facepaint, I googled 'deer makeup' and combined elements from different examples that I liked best. I used brown, orange and dark yellow chalk pastels mixed with water to create the cheek colour and white face paint for the rest. Using my Bourjois chocolate bronzer I made sure the cheek colour and white face paint blended smoothly. I used my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette for the brows, nose contour and button nose. The colours in this palette are perfect for deer facepaint, I also used them to do the winged eyeliner. I only used the Chanel Precision Lip Definer in 34 Natural because lipliners last a really long time on my lips especially when I'm drinking! And that's pretty much it!! If you want more facepaint ideas check out my Jungle Party post. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and lovely day today,

Happy Halloween


At the grand old age of 21 I've come to the conclusion that new years resolutions are stupid, at least the ones I set myself are. So instead I've been thinking about life goals/achievements more broadly and decided to share my thoughts in a list post. And I can't believe it but it's almost a year to the day since my last list post. The fact that so much has happened in my life since then only reassures me that a year is too short a time to pin a resolution to. I also think it will be interesting to look back at this in a few years time to see if my hopes have changed at all or even if I have achieved any of them! 

This goal stems from a continuing love for Grand Designs (/how hilariously pessimistic Kevin McCloud is). I love the idea of having complete creative freedom over all the little details in the place I am going to live. Whether that is renovating an existing building, combining it's character with my own and bringing it back to life or starting completely from scratch. I wouldn't like the build to be flashy or ridiculously big but functional, modern and clever with space and light. My favourite Grand Designs episodes are Kathryn Tayler's scandinavian inspired build which you can watch here and Patrick Bradley's container house. I can't find the full episode online but here is the last 10 minutes if you're interested.

I know this one is such a cliché but I have to include it in the list... I've already basically picked the dress I'm going to wear (check out my wedding dress Pinterest board) but I plan on going KimK style and having another dress for the reception and one for the evening when I disappear on my honeymoon... lot's of 'my' and no 'our' I've just realised! So I guess the second half of this goal is to actually find someone I want to marry! I'm pretty level headed when it comes to guys and I definitely don't believe in the 'one' but on the other hand I love falling in love so who knows when this will happen.

Why slouch... it's bad for your back and really unattractive. Eventually I will have perfect posture but at the moment I catch myself slouching all the time. I exercise regularly and plan on incorporating more yoga to strengthen core/back muscles so hopefully that will help.

Being a poor and jobless student is pretty limiting although I am excellent at saving money which has let me travel a decent amount in life so far. But there is sooo much more out there to see and I'd like to see as much of it as possible! I desperately want to visit my family in New Zealand and have a closer relationship with them and the country itself. I've never been anywhere in Asia, South America or Africa (excluding Morocco) and I'd love to do a road trip in the USA and Canada. Basically I need to win the lottery to manage all this and even though I enjoyed my couchsurfing experiences I don't want rely on it my whole life! I dont know... I'll find a way to make it happen haha.

I'm not really sure how many of you know what I do at university.. but basically I weave all day, everyday! And I don't want to stop weaving when I finish in May which means I'm going to have to invest in a freaking loom.. freaking because they're massive, ugly and expensive. But it will be worth it. I look forward to when all my friends start to get married and I can weave them beautiful silk/angora/alpaca blankets as wedding presents! I'd also potentially want to turn weaving into a career but am not entirely sure about that yet because I'm worried relying on weave would suck the fun out of it (as univeristy seems to!). 

Another cliché... sorry, so boring I know but had to be included. I think I'd like at least three children and a mixture of boys and girls. My sister and I are very close in age and it was really fun growing up together. I also have two younger foster brothers so I am quite used to a big family and I love it. Obviously not anytime soon though!!

Slowly and steadily I am working my way through this mammoth list and so far am loving it! I just finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck which was amazing, definitley recomend if you fancy a heavy going, makes you think about the world and life type read. I've now moved on to The Night Manager by John le Carré. Waterstones and WH Smiths always have buy one get one half price of the modern classics but Amazon is a safe bet too. The book list is on the Penguin website.

Last but not least, I'd like a vegetable garden with a cute little red brick path twisting through it, lined with different herbs and edible flowers and a couple of apple and cherry trees and a bench to sit on in the sun. Doesn't that sounds adorable?!! Plus I like the idea of being semi self sustainable and having a relaxing outdoor based hobby.

Some of these are slightly less serious than others but hope you enjoyed anyway!


I cannot believe this summer has ended already. It has gone so fast but somehow feels like forever since I was at university and I'm finding it really strange to be writing this post back in Falmouth!! And sadly for me and I think you guys too my travels have ended which means no travel content for a while. But back to the post, as some of you would have seen on my Instagram already I spent the first week of September in Versailles celebrating my friend Xavier's birthday. And really it was such a treat for me as I was looked after like a princess by him and his family, big love for them. We spent most of our time in Paris eating, drinking and exploring though did dedicate a few days to relaxing in the sun... basically my ideal holiday activities. 

The historical architecture all over Paris is really impressive and I'd forgotten what a beautiful city it is. Definitely need to go back again on a romantic weekend away with hypothetical future partner haha. I especially liked the Louvre but unfortunately didn't end up going inside because there was so much to do. We did relax in the gardens for an afternoon though and had the most delicious sorbet of life which I instagrammed about it was so good! We went to see the Notre Dame and took typical tourist pictures outside (obviously) and had a quick look inside too. The weather that week was perfect, around 28℃ most days. 

The last evening in Versailles was spent in a creperie with Xavier and a school friend of his. I had savoury crepes with potato, smoked salmon, cream and lemon to start and normal crepes with pear, chocolate and ice cream to finish... heaven in my mouth. I was so sad to go home and not just because it meant the end of summer, the relaxed vibe perfectly followed backpacking which had really tired me out. Looking back I think I could definitely live in Paris one day. It is closer to London and my family via the eurostar than Falmouth, the food is amazing, the nightlife amazing and the people were all really friendly. Plus the street style was so inspiring, very chic and simple but put together. Something to consider after uni, since it is my last year!! 

Hope you enjoyed the post


Finally I've found the time to write the second part of my backpacking in North America post! I've just got back from Paris and leave for uni tomorrow so have been hugely preoccupied with getting all my washing done (glamorous, I know) and gathering everything I need for Falmouth before I leave. So that's todays reason behind how useless a blogger I am. But back to the post... After New York I headed to Toronto where I spent three days. I didn't actually see much of the city because I had such a lovely couchsurfing host and such lovely fellow couchsurfers staying there that I spent all my time with them in the park playing softball and flunkyball (google it)! I really appreciate being able to meet such amazing people who I probably wouldn't have met if I'd been travelling with friends. Travelling alone definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone in that respect.

I also stopped of at the Niagara Falls with Leon, one of the fellow couchsurfers. It definitely wasn't what we were expecting! Beside the falls is a huge industrial park full of hotels and casinos and even a Starbucks... I don't understand that, why ruin such a beautiful part of the country?! However the waterfall itself was still really impressive, it's so long and so loud! We paid to go behind the falls into the huge tunnel system which was pretty cool as you get to see the falls much closer than you do from the tourist walk way. It was also only $20 from Toronto to Niagara by coach so I'd still recommend going if you're in the area!

After Toronto I headed for Montreal. Again I was staying with a couchsurfing host plus her flatmates and they were lovely. Overall I had a really positive experience using couchsurfing. I had heard some weird stories which made me nervous before going but it was completely fine. I think as long as you're staying with someone who has great reviews you can't go too wrong but definitely trust your instincts. Originally I was meant to be staying with a different host in Montreal but I felt he was sending weird vibes closer towards the time of my stay so I cancelled with him and found my new hosts where I was really happy!

Montreal was really beautiful, I was there for just under a week so had plenty of time to explore the city. I especially liked Old Port. Lot's of churches and a cathedral combined with French being the first language in Montreal gave it a really European feel. Also there is the actual port which is really pretty and there was a food festival on at the time which I enjoyed (stuffed myself)! I spent a lot of time relaxing in parks, reading and listening to podcasts (PanDolly and Guardian Long Reads are my favourite if you're interested) and of course eating crepes. Mount Royal was really lovely too. I went up once in the day and once in the night for the view of the city and also because the walk is really nice. They have a piano up there and luckily for me lots of talented tourists to play it. One evening I sat listening to different people play for hours, it was so relaxing. I was really sad to leave Montreal as it was the last stop on my trip. Travelling alone is definitely something I'd do again but I'm back at uni now so it will have to wait for next summer! Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip, let me know if you have any questions!


My phone is broken and Apple has now had it for two and a bit weeks, tinkering (hopefully fixing)... the separation is starting to physically pain me. And of course it breaks just before I go off trecking around North America... BY MYSELF. Mother was not pleased. But that explains the lack of Instagrams recently, I will of course be catching up once my phone is returned because I have so many amazing pictures from New York to share!! So this post may seem out of the blue as my social media has been completely void of hints but actually the trip has been planned since around Christmas. I backpacked from New York to Montreal via the Niagara Falls and Toronto by bus and couchsurfing. This post will focus on the first leg of the journey, state side.

I made sure to do all the touristy sightseeing I could. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Times Square at night, spent a day at the MET and got the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty. Each was amazing and even a bit overwhelming because it was all so big. I took my time, making sure to absorb as much as possible. A lot of the sights seemed weirdly familiar to me where I'd seen them in different films (especially NY Library- Day After Tomorrow, lacked flooding but still very cool). These were all free activities bar the MET which you make a donation of choice to visit. I also spent a lot of time walking around interesting areas of the city such as Soho, the High Line and Brooklyn, again free to do but great for experiencing and getting a true feel of the city. So by accident I ended up not spending a massive amount in NY when I was expecting it to be ridiculously expensive. My main expenditure was on food (Chloe's vegan restaurant in Soho was amazing!) and shopping.

I spent one of my mornings at ground zero. The two huge pits where the towers once stood have been made into beautiful memorials. It was very overwhelming and poignant but therefore, I think quite perfect in describing and marking what happened there. The museum is completely underground so you're walking where the sub-levels would have been. I'd definitely recommend going to the museum, I learnt a lot about the attack that I didn't know before and it's good to understand such an important point in history especially as it took place in our lifetimes. After the museum you can walk to the Staten Island Ferry to unwind from the memorial like I did. 

I spent quite a lot of time in Central Park because NY is big and it's a little dirty and sweaty and sometimes a girl needs some fresh air! My friend Agi (who interned in NY this summer) and I enjoyed an amazing picnic of fresh salsa, blue corn tortilla chips, strawberries and oranges one of the days I was there which perfectly broke up my city sightseeing. We relaxed in the sun, chatted and people watched and it was made so perfectly clear to me why New Yorkers love and need that park! I'll be posting the second half of my North America trip asap. Hope you don't mind how brief this is, I'm ever so slightly jet lagged right now having returned from Montreal today. It took me just over five hours to get back from Gatwick thanks to ridiculous passport control queues and Southern Rail strikes... oh England, why such a warm welcome?! 


Obviously I can't get enough of Austria because for the third time this year I hopped on a plane at Gatwick to visit the beautiful country. I didn't blog about my trip in the easter break because I don't want to bore you guys with the same old stuff and most of you will have read my Salzburg post already. But this time I was whisked away for the weekend by my friend Matt to celebrate my 21st birthday and as our destination was so breathtaking I've decided to share it with you. He kept where we were going a complete surprise so I had no idea what to expect which, despite my incessant need to organise, was really exciting for me!

Observant ones of you will already know from the post title that we spent our weekend in Wachau Valley! Look how beautiful it is... and I promise the pictures don't even do the place justice!! Wachau is a UNESCO world heritage sight of natural beauty and also the most established wine region in Austria, two facts that massively pleased me! We drank our fair share.. understandably? Though we also spent lots of time cycling and exploring the area. Two pictures up you can see the Renaissance Hotel where we stayed. It was so perfectly picturesque and cute, our room was lovely and so was the town on the Danube it was in. We hired bikes from the hotel which made me exceptionally happy as since moving back to England I've really missed cycling everywhere! Especially through scenery like this! 

My favourite place in the valley we visited was Durnstein. Definitely google to see how beautiful it is as I didn't manage to get many decent pictures other than the one at the top of the post taken from the castle which overlooks the town. Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned by Leopold V in this castle during the time of the Crusades so it is very old and now a ruin, you can see part of it two pictures up. The walk up there was pretty and relaxed though so hot (potentially just for me and not Matt because I'm so unfit haha) even though the sun was setting when we went. I also really enjoyed walking round the blue church.

Wachau is know for its Smargad wines which are named after a tiny little emerald green lizard found along the sides of the Danube. They are quite uncommon according to google (researching like a good blogger!) but we saw one of the little guys! It was so cute and such a nice surprise to actually spot one after seeing lizard logos all over the place. And that really was the cherry on top of the cake for me. I had such a perfect weekend there and the rest of the week in Salzburg was equally as lovely. Can't wait until my next trip to Austria!


This is a little late... such a broken record, aren't I? But it's still worth posting because look how pretty. England seems so crap in comparison and two weeks on I'm still dealing with mild holiday blues because I miss real sun and swimming everyday! So three beautiful friends and myself recently spent about a week in Crete exploring and relaxing and I thought I'd share some pictures and stories with you. I've also made a vlog which you can watch here if you're interested. Just a heads up for some reason the video isn't playing on phones or tablets... only computers, no idea why. 

I love Greece... amazing food, interesting history, perfect weather. And on this holiday we did a bit of everything so I'm only going to talk about my favourite days otherwise the post will get really long! I think it was the second day (this is why I should write the post when everything is fresh in my memory) that we went on a boat trip. We spent most of the day enjoying the view from the boat and eating lot's of delicious fresh fruit on the way to and from a town called Sissi which you can see in the picture above. So beautiful. The flower tunnel was amazing, definitely google it! We also stopped off to snorkel in a really pretty bay area on the way where saw lots of fish! I love snorkelling with friends especially when the water is so clear.

I'm a little obsessed with Greek history and mythology so of course we did a culture filled activity day! We started by visiting the beautiful Monastery of Kardiotissa (which you can see three pictures up) on the top of a mountain near Heraklion. The view was really breath taking and our tour guide was so lovely and informative. We had to cover out legs and shoulders to go inside the Church so the nuns lent us some really cute skirts which I wish we could have kept... even Instagramed the outfit haha. After that we visited a pottery workshop where I got a little hands on! And then, my favourite part of the day, we hiked up to the Cave of Zeus, where the myths say he was born. The cave was really impressive and the view of Lassithi Plateau which you can see two pictures up was also amazing. We then visited the Knossos Palace which is where King Minor lived (minotaur myth). This whole day was organised by a travel company in Crete called Tourline which I 100% recommend checking out because the day was amazing and so cheap, especially for students!

Lastly I'll tell you about our day on Chrissi Island because that was another highlight for me mainly because of the water! The ferry ride there was long and horrible because of how hot it was so I'd definitely recommend making sure your ferry is air conditioned before buying tickets!! But once you get there it is completely worth it. The island is uninhabited and a nature reserve so the beauty is very well preserved and maintained. The main beach looks like sand but is actually lots of tiny shells and there is also a salt marsh which I guess is why the water is so clear. There is a church and some ruins to visit too but it was such a hot day when we went we decided to stay by the sea in the breeze under our umbrellas except for a little walk we went on over the volcanic rock bed which looked like massive slabs of pumice! 

We stayed in the little village of Piskopiano which was a perfect base for visiting all of these places. There and in the two neighbouring villages were lot's of restaurants and we especially liked one called Sergiani Restaurant where they made the best stone baked pizza ever! Piskopiano was also a short walk from the bigger town of Hersonissos which is where we booked our tours and boat trip. The beach there was also quite nice. The only downside to where we were was it was too far from Samaria Gorge which I would have loved to have hiked through. That's about it really, hope you liked the pictures!


I find Instagram 100x more satisfying on the computer because of the thick white borders between each picture, only me? It makes my theme look so much better and because I've been doing pretty well with keeping to it with my last lot of Instagrams I thought I'd share them on here with you! So starting from the top I'll walk you through what I've been up to recently! That delicious looking plate of food obviously had to be Instagrammed... it's the Super Slaw, Buckwheat Noodle salad and Chicken and Ponzu-yogurt skewer from Juliet's in Tunbridge Wells. If you get the chance you have to go, the food (especially cakes) are amazing and their menu changes daily depending on availability of ingredients so it's always fresh and interesting dining. Next few pictures are from my recent adventures in London including one from Colombia Road Flower Market which I blogged about here! Then we have various Falmouth beach pictures because how can I not.. as well as one Rhodes and one Cologne throwback mixed in. A few selfies and a candid observing the sea picture later and thats that! Hope you enjoyed this post.


I haven't blogged/used anything Lush in such a long time so thank you Grandma for this little treat!! A relaxing bath was desperately needed... although the florescent orange-ness had me worried about bath stains but it was actually fine. The Purple oil did however stain the bath and myself a little but was easy enough to clean up. The online reviews I've read are pretty mixed, some people finding having to clean the bath afterwards too much of a faff which I think I'd have to agree with. But it was fun and very colourful which I always appreciate! I'm off to Crete tomorrow so won't be blogging much but will make up for that with plenty of Instagram posts if you're interested!


Bank balance is hilarious but sure, let's go to Bluewater and buy purses in varied shades of blue because why not... *sighs at self*. I have zero self control in that shopping centre, can't just be me?

How beautiful is this little haul though!?

I am in deep and serious love with the Fossil purse I got in the sale (has now sold out but there's loads of bargains left for you to get your mitts on!). The colour is just so perfectly fresh and summery and for some reason is getting me excited for Greece... idk. The Kurt Geiger purse is actually a passport holder... starting to see a theme here? Unfortunately, also sold out online but is available in black. And lastly a purchase slightly less painful on my wallet, a travel card holder from Topshop costing £1.50. Definiltey not a necessity but it was blue and I was on a role and as previously mentioned... no self control! So it's safe to say I won't be buying any leather goods for a while.

Hope you're having a nice week x


Today my faith in the male gender was restored when a lovely gentleman offered me his seat on the underground purely out of kindness. And unfortunately it had been a little tested due to my recent tinder experiences which in hindsight are quite funny so I thought I'd share them with you! Some slightly different content but I hope you enjoy!