I've been trying very hard to.. 'adult' more recently so to start this summer off I've moved to London for a month long internship. But thanks to bank holiday weekend I've had lots of time to explore places in London I've somehow managed to miss in the past, like Columbia Road Flower Market and actually East London in general. I wandered round Hackney before hand, appreciating all the little cafes and independent retailers as well as peoples street style, which I loved. The area reminds me a lot of the old town in Hastings! The flower market was so busy but I loved the vibe, the amount of people wasn't stressful at all. I'll definitely take friends visiting London here in the future because it's so pretty. Have any of you guys been before?


The weather in England at the moment is so muggy, and I've been loving it... any warmth and I'm happy! So I've been spending my free days in the garden or at the beach soaking up whatever sun I can get while reading Face Paint. I'm sure most of you know of the book and Lisa Eldridge for that matter.. that woman is basically life goals, no? It's basically an overview of all things makeup related. The history, popular culture, business and and scientific development of makeup are among some of the topics covered, all of which I found really interesting. I did think some sections could have been more detailed but her research was still thorough and I guess what one person wants to read about in depth another might not and she had to cater for all! I love how she laid the book out (she explains why in this video), it seemed to flow really well and the photography was all really beautiful! It would make such a lovely present for someone who loves makeup and for a light read I definitely recommend!