My phone is broken and Apple has now had it for two and a bit weeks, tinkering (hopefully fixing)... the separation is starting to physically pain me. And of course it breaks just before I go off trecking around North America... BY MYSELF. Mother was not pleased. But that explains the lack of Instagrams recently, I will of course be catching up once my phone is returned because I have so many amazing pictures from New York to share!! So this post may seem out of the blue as my social media has been completely void of hints but actually the trip has been planned since around Christmas. I backpacked from New York to Montreal via the Niagara Falls and Toronto by bus and couchsurfing. This post will focus on the first leg of the journey, state side.

I made sure to do all the touristy sightseeing I could. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Times Square at night, spent a day at the MET and got the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty. Each was amazing and even a bit overwhelming because it was all so big. I took my time, making sure to absorb as much as possible. A lot of the sights seemed weirdly familiar to me where I'd seen them in different films (especially NY Library- Day After Tomorrow, lacked flooding but still very cool). These were all free activities bar the MET which you make a donation of choice to visit. I also spent a lot of time walking around interesting areas of the city such as Soho, the High Line and Brooklyn, again free to do but great for experiencing and getting a true feel of the city. So by accident I ended up not spending a massive amount in NY when I was expecting it to be ridiculously expensive. My main expenditure was on food (Chloe's vegan restaurant in Soho was amazing!) and shopping.

I spent one of my mornings at ground zero. The two huge pits where the towers once stood have been made into beautiful memorials. It was very overwhelming and poignant but therefore, I think quite perfect in describing and marking what happened there. The museum is completely underground so you're walking where the sub-levels would have been. I'd definitely recommend going to the museum, I learnt a lot about the attack that I didn't know before and it's good to understand such an important point in history especially as it took place in our lifetimes. After the museum you can walk to the Staten Island Ferry to unwind from the memorial like I did. 

I spent quite a lot of time in Central Park because NY is big and it's a little dirty and sweaty and sometimes a girl needs some fresh air! My friend Agi (who interned in NY this summer) and I enjoyed an amazing picnic of fresh salsa, blue corn tortilla chips, strawberries and oranges one of the days I was there which perfectly broke up my city sightseeing. We relaxed in the sun, chatted and people watched and it was made so perfectly clear to me why New Yorkers love and need that park! I'll be posting the second half of my North America trip asap. Hope you don't mind how brief this is, I'm ever so slightly jet lagged right now having returned from Montreal today. It took me just over five hours to get back from Gatwick thanks to ridiculous passport control queues and Southern Rail strikes... oh England, why such a warm welcome?! 


  1. This sounds like such a cool trip and adventure! I have always wanted to go to USA, therefore, it was quite useful to read your article and get inspired on finally starting to plan my trip, which hopefully will happen soon enough! :)

    1. Glad you've found it inspiring! I'm sure it will, looking forward to when you post about it!! x

  2. AHHH You were on the east coast and I didn't know!!!! I am glad to hear you had a good time in New York though! If you're ever in Washington, DC please, PLEASE let me know so we can meet up! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I know!! I thought about you as well and even looked up how far away Washington is! America is big haha. I will definitely let you know and same to you if you're ever in the UK :) xx

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