I can not get over how freaking fast this year has gone, end of October.. seriously?! Although the prospect of mince pies and warm woolen jumpers cheers me up. But back to the post, my Halloween costume! Because it's a Monday everyone decided to celebrate last weekend so we could fully commit to a night out without the worry of early lectures on Tuesday. I decided to dress up as Bambi's mum to the dismay and delight of many- some thought it was a little morbid but hey, that's what Halloween is all about! My housemate in the picture above dressed up as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, complete with home made crown and skirt and our outfits coordinated completely by chance! I'm going to explain how I did the bullet wound with no special fx makeup and facepaint below. 

The bullet wound was actually really really easy to do, all you need is some tissue or toilet paper, PVA or eyelash glue (I used PVA) and fake blood. Firstly you separate the layers of the tissue so you have one thin layer and then tear a strip to roll up length ways to create the ridge around the hole. PVA this to your skin, make sure where you're sticking is oil/makeup free so it stays better. Then rip a piece of tissue slightly bigger than a 2p to lay over the circle and PVA all over. This layer is what really keeps the circle down, mine lasted all night and really only peeling it off yourself with get it off. Once the glue has dried clear you can shadow with makeup bruising colours and inside the wound completely black. Then drip some fake blood inside the hole and let it run down your chest! Watch this video for more detail. 

As for the facepaint, I googled 'deer makeup' and combined elements from different examples that I liked best. I used brown, orange and dark yellow chalk pastels mixed with water to create the cheek colour and white face paint for the rest. Using my Bourjois chocolate bronzer I made sure the cheek colour and white face paint blended smoothly. I used my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette for the brows, nose contour and button nose. The colours in this palette are perfect for deer facepaint, I also used them to do the winged eyeliner. I only used the Chanel Precision Lip Definer in 34 Natural because lipliners last a really long time on my lips especially when I'm drinking! And that's pretty much it!! If you want more facepaint ideas check out my Jungle Party post. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and lovely day today,

Happy Halloween


At the grand old age of 21 I've come to the conclusion that new years resolutions are stupid, at least the ones I set myself are. So instead I've been thinking about life goals/achievements more broadly and decided to share my thoughts in a list post. And I can't believe it but it's almost a year to the day since my last list post. The fact that so much has happened in my life since then only reassures me that a year is too short a time to pin a resolution to. I also think it will be interesting to look back at this in a few years time to see if my hopes have changed at all or even if I have achieved any of them! 

This goal stems from a continuing love for Grand Designs (/how hilariously pessimistic Kevin McCloud is). I love the idea of having complete creative freedom over all the little details in the place I am going to live. Whether that is renovating an existing building, combining it's character with my own and bringing it back to life or starting completely from scratch. I wouldn't like the build to be flashy or ridiculously big but functional, modern and clever with space and light. My favourite Grand Designs episodes are Kathryn Tayler's scandinavian inspired build which you can watch here and Patrick Bradley's container house. I can't find the full episode online but here is the last 10 minutes if you're interested.

I know this one is such a cliché but I have to include it in the list... I've already basically picked the dress I'm going to wear (check out my wedding dress Pinterest board) but I plan on going KimK style and having another dress for the reception and one for the evening when I disappear on my honeymoon... lot's of 'my' and no 'our' I've just realised! So I guess the second half of this goal is to actually find someone I want to marry! I'm pretty level headed when it comes to guys and I definitely don't believe in the 'one' but on the other hand I love falling in love so who knows when this will happen.

Why slouch... it's bad for your back and really unattractive. Eventually I will have perfect posture but at the moment I catch myself slouching all the time. I exercise regularly and plan on incorporating more yoga to strengthen core/back muscles so hopefully that will help.

Being a poor and jobless student is pretty limiting although I am excellent at saving money which has let me travel a decent amount in life so far. But there is sooo much more out there to see and I'd like to see as much of it as possible! I desperately want to visit my family in New Zealand and have a closer relationship with them and the country itself. I've never been anywhere in Asia, South America or Africa (excluding Morocco) and I'd love to do a road trip in the USA and Canada. Basically I need to win the lottery to manage all this and even though I enjoyed my couchsurfing experiences I don't want rely on it my whole life! I dont know... I'll find a way to make it happen haha.

I'm not really sure how many of you know what I do at university.. but basically I weave all day, everyday! And I don't want to stop weaving when I finish in May which means I'm going to have to invest in a freaking loom.. freaking because they're massive, ugly and expensive. But it will be worth it. I look forward to when all my friends start to get married and I can weave them beautiful silk/angora/alpaca blankets as wedding presents! I'd also potentially want to turn weaving into a career but am not entirely sure about that yet because I'm worried relying on weave would suck the fun out of it (as univeristy seems to!). 

Another cliché... sorry, so boring I know but had to be included. I think I'd like at least three children and a mixture of boys and girls. My sister and I are very close in age and it was really fun growing up together. I also have two younger foster brothers so I am quite used to a big family and I love it. Obviously not anytime soon though!!

Slowly and steadily I am working my way through this mammoth list and so far am loving it! I just finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck which was amazing, definitley recomend if you fancy a heavy going, makes you think about the world and life type read. I've now moved on to The Night Manager by John le Carré. Waterstones and WH Smiths always have buy one get one half price of the modern classics but Amazon is a safe bet too. The book list is on the Penguin website.

Last but not least, I'd like a vegetable garden with a cute little red brick path twisting through it, lined with different herbs and edible flowers and a couple of apple and cherry trees and a bench to sit on in the sun. Doesn't that sounds adorable?!! Plus I like the idea of being semi self sustainable and having a relaxing outdoor based hobby.

Some of these are slightly less serious than others but hope you enjoyed anyway!


I cannot believe this summer has ended already. It has gone so fast but somehow feels like forever since I was at university and I'm finding it really strange to be writing this post back in Falmouth!! And sadly for me and I think you guys too my travels have ended which means no travel content for a while. But back to the post, as some of you would have seen on my Instagram already I spent the first week of September in Versailles celebrating my friend Xavier's birthday. And really it was such a treat for me as I was looked after like a princess by him and his family, big love for them. We spent most of our time in Paris eating, drinking and exploring though did dedicate a few days to relaxing in the sun... basically my ideal holiday activities. 

The historical architecture all over Paris is really impressive and I'd forgotten what a beautiful city it is. Definitely need to go back again on a romantic weekend away with hypothetical future partner haha. I especially liked the Louvre but unfortunately didn't end up going inside because there was so much to do. We did relax in the gardens for an afternoon though and had the most delicious sorbet of life which I instagrammed about it was so good! We went to see the Notre Dame and took typical tourist pictures outside (obviously) and had a quick look inside too. The weather that week was perfect, around 28℃ most days. 

The last evening in Versailles was spent in a creperie with Xavier and a school friend of his. I had savoury crepes with potato, smoked salmon, cream and lemon to start and normal crepes with pear, chocolate and ice cream to finish... heaven in my mouth. I was so sad to go home and not just because it meant the end of summer, the relaxed vibe perfectly followed backpacking which had really tired me out. Looking back I think I could definitely live in Paris one day. It is closer to London and my family via the eurostar than Falmouth, the food is amazing, the nightlife amazing and the people were all really friendly. Plus the street style was so inspiring, very chic and simple but put together. Something to consider after uni, since it is my last year!! 

Hope you enjoyed the post