Obsessed With Autumnal Wedding Cakes

Soooo, how do I explain a wedding cake obsession with no engagement or wedding planned... I can't really other than look how pretty they are and how could you not?! I love the beautiful autumnal colour palettes, flora and foliage icing, fresh berries/flowers and the amazing creativity and craftsmanship that I imagine is required to make one of these beasts! I think my favourite is top right because of the dark orange copper icing dripping over the edge of the cake. Isn't that a beautiful colour paired with the minty green foliage and dark burgundy black flowers. Which of these is your favourite?

If you're interested I have a Pinterest Board for wedding cakes which I selected these six pictures from. On there you can also see lots of succulent icing cakes, another obsession of mine! Hope you're having a lovely week x

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